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Dear Conference Participants:

Please download and read the other papers in your seminar before arriving in Gainesville. The full texts are available on the “Conference Papers” link. Those registrants who have not submitted papers are welcome to audit the seminar of their choice, but are also asked to read the papers ahead of time. The room assignments will be announced at the conference.

Friday, February 20

Seminar 1

Leaders: Rita Charon and Abraham Verghese

Cheryl Dellasega, “The Therapy of Writing: An Analysis of Medical Prose in JAMA”

Ernelle Fife, “The Role of Victor Frankl’s Logotherapy in Teaching Narrative Medicine”

Tony L. Kroll, “‘What Story Am I In’? Times Two: Narrative as a Foundation for Active Patient Participation”

Jean S. Mason, “The Discourse of Disease: ‘Patient Writes’ at the ‘University of Tuberculosis’”

Kimberly R. Myers, “A Perspective on the Role of Stories as a Mechanism of Meta-Healing”

Patricia O’Hara, “Stories from the Other Side of Silence: Reading My Mother’s Records”

Neil Scheurich, “Reading, Listening, and Other Beleagured Practices in General Psychiatry”

Lisa J. Schnell, “Learning How To Tell”

Trysh Travis, “Reading ‘The Language of the Heart’: The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous”

Seminar 2

Leaders: Sander L. Gilman and David B. Morris

Ed Cohen, “Healing as Metaphor”

Michela Galzigna, “Aspects of Medical Practice: Insight from Narrative Therapy”

Kathryn Goldfarb, “Ethics of the Dialectical Narrative”

Schuyler W. Henderson, “Uncertain Truths: Resistance and Defiance in Narrative”

Richard L. Holt, “Pinel and the Pendulum”

Sigrun Meinig, “‘How to Give Birth to Our Own Images’: AIDS, the Magic of Images, and the Necessity of Narrative in Will Self’s Dorian

Gary E. Myers, “Restoration or Transformation: Choosing Ritual Strategies for End-of-Life Care”

Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig, “From Social Stigma to Hereditary Disease to Phil the Sore: Changing Narratives of Syphilis”

Saturday, February 21

Seminar 1

Leaders: Jody Messler Davies and Bennett Simon

Theresa Aiello, “What the Children Said, What the Therapist Answered: The Intersubjective Construction of Narrative in Child Treatment.”  

Lucia Bortoli, “Autobiography as Psychotherapy: May Sinclair’s Revisionary Dialogue with Early Psychoanalytical Interpretations of Femininity”

Vera J. Camden, "The Past is a Foreign Country: The Uses of Literature in a Psychoanalytic Dialogue."  Because it contains confidential clinical material, this paper will be sent by e-mail to seminar participants.

Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, “The Polyphonic Nature of the Human Psyche: From an Artistic Intuition to a Therapeutic Goal”

Suzanne Feigelson. "Does Talking Cure Leave Only Talk? A Search for the Place of Cure in Psychoanalytic Theory"

Fred L. Griffin, “The Fortunate Physician: Learning from Our Patients”

Rachel Newcombe, “Kissing Georg Groddeck: A Narrative Tribute”

Janet Sayers, “Divine Therapy, Feminine Empathy: From William James to Julia Kristeva.”

Saundra Segan, “The Pressure to Do Great Things and the Impulse to Resist It”

Seminar 2

Leaders: Jeffrey Berman and Geoffrey Hartman

Clare Emily Clifford, “‘Blazing Like Disease’: John Berryman and the Dis-Ease of Suicide”

Andrew Gordon, “Jewish Fathers and Sons in Spiegelman’s MAUS and Roth’s Patrimony”

Terrence E. Holt, “Narrative Medicine, Negative Capability, and Me”

Chris Leary, “The Textual Force of the Cancerous Body in Sharon Olds’s The Father

Kathleen Mosher, “Recovering Personal Narratives in a Reading Group”

Robert A. Norman, “As Deep As Life Itself: ‘The Birthmark’ Revisited”

Lisa Roney, “The Narrative Link: Stories in Medicine, Psychoanalysis, and Narrative Writing”

Maura Spiegel, "Consoling a Nation: Empathic Flights in Wim Wenders' Wings of Desire"

The following individuals have registered for the conference without submitting a paper:

Dorit Barnea

Judith Batchelor

Alix Baxter

Nancy Greeley

Arthur Heiserman

John Mallonee

Helle Mathiasen

Kenneth Naditz

Bernard Paris

Dinko Podrug

Peter Sarver

Murray M. Schwartz

Melanie Thernstrom

Elaine Zickler

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