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Cohen, Ed. Rutgers University. Healing as Metaphor

Coste, Benedicte. University of Montpellier. From the Imaginary Portrait to the Case History : Pater and Freud

Dellasega, Cheryl and Saloni Sharma. Penn State College of Medicine. The Therapy of Writing: An Analysis of Medical Prose in JAMA

Dimitrijevic, Aleksandar. Serbia and Montenegro. The Polyphonic Nature of Human Psyche: From an Artistic Intuition to a Therapeutic Goal

Fife, Ernelle. SUNY- New Paltz. The Role of Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy In Teaching Narrative Medicine

Galzigna. Michela. University of Padua. Aspects of Medical Practice: Insight from Narrative Therapy

George, Olamide. Center for Health Sciences Training Research and Development, Ibadan, Nigeria. Psychoanalysis: The Nigerian Perspective

Gordon, Andrew. University of Florida. Jewish Fathers and Sons in Spiegelman's Maus and Roth's Patrimony

Griffin, Fred L. Missoula, Montana. The Fortunate Physician: Learning from our Patients

Holt, Richard. University of South Carolina. Pinel and the Pendulum

Holt, Terrence. University of North Carolina School of Medicine. Narrative Medicine, Negative Capability, and Me

Kroll, Tony L. Texas A&M University. “What Story Am I In?” Times Two: Narrative as a Foundation for Active Patient Participation

Leary, Chris. University of Sheffield. The Textual Force of the Cancerous Body in Sharon Olds’s The Father

Myers, Gary E.  Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.  Restoration or Transformation? Choosing Ritual Strategies for End-of-Life Care

Newcombe, Rachel. New York, New York. Kissing Georg Groddeck: A Narrative Tribute

Norman, Robert A.  Tampa, Florida. As Deep As Life Itself: The Birthmark Revisited

Ogu, Victoria Ifesinachi. Lagos, Nigeria. The Destructive Effect of Illegal Drugs on Psychoanalysis and Narrative Medicine

O'Hara, Patricia. Franklin & Marshall College. Stories from the Other Side of Silence: Reading My Mother's Records

Oluwaterlure, F.A. Adekunle Ajasin University. Attitude of Orthodox Medical Practioners, Herbalists, Hypertensives and Normotensives to Hypertension

Roney, Lisa. University of Central Florida. The Narrative Link: Stories in Medicine, Psychoanalysis, and Creative Writing

Sayers, Janet. University of Kent. Healing Feminine Empathy

Scheurich, Neil. University of Kentucky College of Medicine.  Reading, Listening, and Other Beleaguered Practices in General Psychiatry

Schnell, Lisa J. University of Vermont. Learning How To Tell

Segan, Saundra. New York City. The Pressure to Do Great Things and the Impulse to Resist It

Stoyan-Rosenzweig, Nina. University of Florida. From Social Stigma to Hereditary Disease to Phil the Sore- Changing Narratives of Syphilis

Travis, Trysh. Southern Methodist University. Reading ‘The Language of the Heart’: The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

Ungar-Sargon, Julian. Merrillville, Indiana. Re-Reading Illness New Paradigms in Chronic Diseases

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