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The Department of English Newsletter is the Department’s primary venue for announcements of significant scholarly and professional achievements by faculty and students. During the academic year, the Newsletter is published biweekly. During the summer, it is published monthly, as submissions warrant.

Use the form on this page to submit a news item regarding faculty or current or former students (undergraduate or graduate) to the Newsletter. Please complete all appropriate fields in the form. You must include your first and last name, and email address.

Submitted items should be relevant to the teaching, research, and professional pursuits of the Department – for example, academic or editorial appointments, recent conference presentations or publications, news of a new job, or entrance into a new academic program. Information regarding events sponsored or co-sponsored by the Department should be submitted directly to Najwa Al-Tabaa for inclusion in the Department’s Calendar of Events.

All items submitted for publication in the Newsletter are checked for accuracy and appropriateness before they are posted online, and may be edited for content and style. They become the property of the Department of English upon submission.

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