The 8th Annual Conference of the Marxist Reading Group
“Spaces of Dissent: The Borders of Transnational Dreams”
Keynote Speakers: Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Peter Hitchcock
March 30-April 1, 2006 at the University of Florida


Thursday, March 30
Morning panels in Dauer Hall 215

Welcome, Coffee, and Bagels

The Borders of Imperialism: Migrant Identity, Military-Industrialism, and Classical Rhetoric
Moderator: Brian Mann
1) Jeremy Fee "The Rhetoric of Irish-American Identity: Race, Citizenship, and Labor"
2) Michael Fitzgerald (University of Florida) "Militarism: A Way of Life"
3) George Alexandros Stoupas "Imperial Discourse in Democratic Athens: Marx, Pericles, and the Rhetoric of Conquest in Classical Greece"


Afternoon panels in Dauer Hall 219

The Racial Frontiers of Labor and Subjectivity
Moderator: James R. Fleming
1) Ayse Deniz Temiz "Gennes inconnu: Flows of Resistance in Michelle Cliff's "Free Enterprise""
2) James McDougall (University of Florida) "Chinese Laborers of the Hypo-Colony: H.T. Tsiang's Poems of the Chinese Revolution, Race, and Revolutionary Historiography"
3) Richard Perez "Sentenced to Die: Exhuming New World $ubjectivity in Wilson Harris' Palace and the Peacock"

2:45- 4:15
Enclosing the Land, Navigating the City, and Understanding a Nation of Shopkeepers
Moderator: Lindsay Skorupa
1) Padmaja Challakere (St. Thomas) "Aesthetics of Globalization in Contemporary British Fiction: the Fall of the Berlin Wall in Zadie Smith's White Teeth, Nicholas Royle's Counterparts, and Philip Hensher's Pleasured"
2) Leeann D. Hunter (University of Florida) "Landscape, Identity, and Invention: The Limits of the Human in Paradise Lost and Aurora Leigh"
3) Senayon Olaoluwa "Another Tale of Two Cities: Globalization in Odia Ofeimun's London Letter"

Negotiated Borders: Contexts and Contradictions of Placement

Moderator: Emily Garcia
1) Michael Pesek "The Boma and the Peripatetic Ruler: Negotiating Colonial Rule in German East Africa, 1889-1903"
2) Guillermina Seri (Colgate University) "Order Beyond Borders"
3) Helga G. Tawil Souri (New York University) "Technology Incubators, Industrial Estates and Refugee Camps: The Subsumption of Palestinians into the Global Economy"
4) Mark Allison (University of California-Berkeley) "Marxism's first refugee; or, was Karl Marx a British intellectual?"


7:30—Dauer Hall 215
Artist Keynote: Ross Birrell (Glasgow School of Art)

Port Bou: 18 Fragments for Walter Benjamin
Ross Birrell /David Harding 2006
(DVD. 33 Minutes)


Friday, March 31
Dauer Hall 219

Coffee and Bagels

The Multitude's Passport: Demarcating the New Oppositions
Moderator: Carolyn Anne Kelley
1) Fausto Butta "Deconstructing Citizenship and Nation-State in a Globalized Humanity"
2) Yesim Kaptan (Indiana University) "Re-thinking Gramsci in the Age of Globalization: The Case of Turkey"
3) Stephanie Turner Reich (University of Illinois-Chicago) "Hardt and Negri and the Ghosts of Marxism Past"


"Art not game for the Leviathan?": Confronting Crisis in an "Outside" Narrative
Moderator: Denise Guidry
1) Christian Haines (University of Florida) "Exploding into Modernism: Joseph Conrad's capture of national life"
2) Joseph Keith (SUNY-Binghamton) "The "Mariners, Renegades, and Castaways" of C.L.R. James and Herman Melville: Laboring at the Limits of Citizenship in the Shadow of U.S. Empire"
3) Stephanie Smith (University of Florida) "The Traffic in Oil: Moby-Dick and Global Exchange"

The Eternal Return of the Universal and its Cultural Borders
Moderator: Ed White
1) Beverly Ann Gaddy (University of Pittsburgh) "Transcending Borders: Dreams, the Impossible, and "Democracy to Come""
2) Nathan Jun (Purdue University) "The Political Axiology of Poststructuralism"
3) Rob Seguin (SUNY-Brockport) "The Spectre of the Universal, or, the Politicization of Walter Benn Michaels?"
4) Susan Hegeman (University of Florida) "The Cultural Return"


8:00 (Keene Faculty Center)
Keynote address by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak "Marxism and the Literary"
Reception immediately following


Saturday, April 1
Dauer Hall 219

Coffee and Bagels

Reading Spivak for the First Time, Again: On Interdisciplinarity and the Poetics of Subaltern Speech
Moderator: Angelique Nixon
1) John A. Woodward (Florida State University) "Borders of Instrumental Reason: Rereading Spivak"
2) Claudia Hoffmann (University of Florida) "Tracing Subaltern Migrancy in Gayatri Spivak's A Critique of Postcolonial Reason"
3) Joe Ramsey (Simmons) "Rebel against the Bill of Sale: the Subaltern Poetics of Guy Endore's Babouk (1934)"


1:00-2:30 (Keene Faculty Center)
Roundtable discussion with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Peter Hitchcock.

Moderator: John Leavey

Language, Labor, and Neoliberalism in Contemporary Film
Moderator: Jaimy Mann
1) Stephanie Boluk (University of Florida) "Language, Culture and Kinship in Ousame Sembene's Faat Kiné"
2) Jessica Livingston (University of Florida) "Management Speak and the Global Economy: The Deceptions of Neoliberal Rhetoric in Laurent Cantet's Human Resources and Time Out
3) Rebecca Dyer (Rose-Hulman) "Representations of Refugees and People Smuggling in Contemporary British Film"

Narratives of Projected Resolution
Moderator: Julie Chun Kim
1) Carl Miller (University of Florida) "Unfinished Business and a Satisfied Mind: The Global Economy of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill"
2) Paul Stasi (University of California-Berkeley) "The Permeable Border between Us & Them: Neo-Imperialism and The American Export of Religious Resistance"
3) Phillip Wegner (University of Florida) "The Desire Called Utopia; or, Jameson's Modernisms"

8:30 (Keene Faculty Center)
Keynote Address by Peter Hitchcock "Uncanny Marxism"
Reception to follow at off-campus location