On Pain of Extinction:
Marx at the Millennium
March 19-20, 1999
University of Florida

(All panels will take place in the O. Ruth McQuown room, 219 Dauer Hall.
The keynotes will take place in Gannet Auditorium, 1064 Weimer Hall.) 
Panel 1 (Friday 9:30-10:45): Prescribed Fun

Moderator: Raina Joines

Nora Alter, "Identity, Documentary and Politics: Brecht's Kuhle Wampe"

Shakti Jaising, "The Visible Hand: Market Pressures on Hindi Cinema"

Maureen Turim, "Avant-gardes, Radical Politics and Revolutions: Cubo-futurism in Retrospect"

Panel 2 (Friday 11:00-12:15): RAYGUNORAMA

Moderator: Ralph Savarese

Dina Smith, "The Last Starfighter and the Abducting of Reagan-era Trailer Trash"

Anders Lewis, "Workers of the World, Forgive Me: Unpopular Thoughts on Marx at the Millennium"

Ralph Savarese, "'Cracked Glass and Stupid Eyeballs': Rivethead, Reagan, and 'the Crisis of the Uncontrolled Thing'"

Joe Bess, "Facing West"

Panel 3 (Friday 1:30-2:45): Celebrity Ground Zero

Moderator: Christian Gregory

David Blake, "Towards a Poetics of Hype: Reading the Rise of Celebrity in 19th-century America."

Stephanie A. Smith, "Bombshell: Sex, Memory, and Amnesia, 'After the Fall'"

Christian Gregory, "Patty Hearst and the Proletariat of Fear"

Panel 4 (Friday 3:00-4:15): Redesigning Woman

Moderator: Erica Pittman

Angela Bacsik, "XX Marx the Spot: Biotechnology, Capitalism, and (Re)Vision of Uterine Labor"

Jane Love, "Socioeconomic History of Thinness"

Trish Ventura, "The Fetus Fetishists"

Panel 5 (Friday 4:30-6:00): Political Identities and Geographies

Moderator: Michael Laffey

F. William Ruegg, "Spectres of Nationalism in William Blake's 'The Four Zoas'"

Tace Hedrick, "Scattered Thoughts on 'Hybridity,' Standpoint, and Esthetics in Ethnic Studies"

Nick Melczarek, "Speculations on the Question of Misuse Value"

Anne Jones, "The Cash Nexus and The Mind of the South"

Keynote Speaker:

Doug Henwood
Friday, 8:00 PM
Gannet Auditorium, 1064 Weimer Hall

Panel 6 (Saturday 8:30-9:45): Please Standby: Teaching Difficulties

Moderator: John Ronan

Bill Hardwig, "The Myth of ISIS: Registering Complaints at the University of Florida"

Andy Hazucha and John Wells, "Still the Opiate: The 'Other World' and the Evangelical Denial of Proletarian Justice"

Laura Sullivan, "Cuba and the Internet"

Panel 7 (Saturday 10:00-11:00): Labor Forum

Moderator: Raina Joines

Stephanie Tripp, "Getting Real-ly Radical: Organizing Academic Labor in Right-to-Work States"

Elsie Allen

IWW (Industrial Workers of the World)

Panel 8 (Saturday 11:15-12:30): Class Acts

Moderator: Scott Nygren

Norman Markel, "Micropolitics: A Critical View of Conversation"

Robert Seguin, "Class and the Straight White Male Thing"

Bert Swanson, "Gramsci, Hegemony, and the Elite-Pluralist Power Debate"

Panel 9 (Saturday 2:00-3:30): What Society Inflicts, You Must Learn to Enjoy

Moderator: Justin Wyble

Ron Broglio, "Enlightenment Science Founding Romantic Nationalism: Theodolites, Barometers, and Steam Engines"

Susan Hegeman, "Reconsidering 'Mass Culture'"

Donald Ault, "Barks on Marx: 'How to Read Donald Duck' at the Millennium"

Joe Bess, "Year 2000: Interfaciality"

Panel 10 (Saturday 3:45-5:15): Left at the Millennium

Moderator: John Murchek

Phil Wegner, "Falling through the Carceral Net: Post-Discipline, Throwaways, and the Warehousing State"

Nivedita Majumdar, "So What's Left: Dilemmas of Left Politics in India"

John Leavey, "The First Time Somewhere Twice: Antonomasia on (the) Pain of Extinction"

Rick Joines, "The Drift, the Dialectic"

Keynote Speaker:

Evan Watkins, "How to Play Dead"
Saturday, 8:00 PM
Gannet Auditorium, 1064 Weimer Hall