The 11th Annual Conference of the Marxist Reading Group

States of Suspension

Keynote Speaker: Michael Hardt

March 26-28 at the University of Florida

Sponsored by MRG Alumni, CLASSC, and EGO


Thursday, March 26


2:00-3:30 (Ustler Hall Reading Room, 3rd floor)
PANEL #1: Pop
Moderator: Nora Alter
1) Ariel Sheen (University of Florida) “Crisis and Convergence”
2) Emily A. Murphy (University of Florida) “Refiguring 9/11: Examining the Effects of Cultural Products of Crisis”
3) Paul Anthony Johnson (University of Florida) “Several Dead Russian Clones, Two One Legged Women, a Monkey and a Lumberjack”

3:45- 5:15 (Ustler Hall Reading Room, 3rd floor)
PANEL #2: Power
Moderator: Marsha Bryant
1) Carl Miller (University of Florida) “Signatures of All Things”: Periodization and Transition Within James Joyce’s Ulysses
2) Patricia Auxier and Dan Muhlestein (University of Florida and Brigham Young University) “Gazing Into the Abyss: Capitalism, Crisis, and the Return of the Overman in The Dark Knight

7:00-8:30 (Ustler Hall Reading Room, 3rd floor)
Moderator: Matthew A. Feltman
Brian Todd Mann: “COMING SOON bastard remix 2.1”

Friday, March 27

Coffee and Bagels

9:00-10:15 (Ustler Hall Reading Room, 3rd floor)
PANEL #3: Capital
Moderator: Aaron Pease
1) Marian Lupo (University of Florida) “The Crisis of Crisis Capitalism: Rhetorics of Insurance, Reinsurance, and Risk Management”
2) Steven J. LeMieux (University of Florida) “Reading the General Economy: A Moment of Crisis”
3) Lloyd Willis (Lander University) “John Steinbeck’s Global Economic Crisis”


10:30-12:00 (Ustler Hall Reading Room, 3rd floor)
PANEL #4: Postcolonialism
Moderator: Paige L. Fowler
1) Kerry B. Schlicht (Carnegie Mellon University) “The Crisis of the Banlieues and the Changing National Identity of France”
2) Jonathan D. Glover (University of Florida) “Narrating Crisis and Political Modernity: Historicism, Colonial Discourse, and the Image of African Genocide”
3) Hannibal Travis (Florida International University College) “We Charge Genocide!: Articulating Ethnic and National Crises in the Language of International Legality”


1:45-3:15 (Ustler Hall Reading Room, 3rd floor)
PANEL #5: Neoliberalism
Moderator: Matt Mingus
1) Jeffrey Michael Menne (Vanderbilt University) “Children of Men and Neoliberalism’s Crisis of Place"
2) Steven Latzo (State University of New York at Binghamton) “Resistance or Reticence: Latin American Subaltern Studies Revisited”
3) Trish Ventura (Spelman College) “Neoliberal War”


3:30-5:00 (Ustler Hall Reading Room, 3rd floor)
PANEL #6: Horizons
Moderator: Roger Beebe
1) Nicole LaRose (University of Houston – Downtown) “Martin Amis's Millenarian Fears and Hopes”
2) Matthew Stoddard (University of Minnesota) “The Spectre of Antagonism: The Not-Yet in Negri’s Spinoza and Beyond”
3) Phillip Wegner (University of Florida) “Unfinished Business: Fredric Jameson on the Crisis of the University”


7:00 (Ustler Hall Atrium, 2nd Floor)
Michael Hardt: “Crisis and the Production of the Common”
Reception to follow


Saturday, March 28

Coffee and Bagels

9:00-10:30 (Keene Faculty Center)
PANEL #7: Modernism
Moderator: Stephanie Boluk
1) Joshua Gooch (University of Iowa) “‘The Shape of Credit’: Credit and Immaterial Labor in Joseph Conrad’s Nostromo
2) Matthew Hadley (University of Minnesota) “The Laboratory and the Production of the Unthinkable in Wells’s Island of Dr. Moreau
3) John Woodward (Florida State University) “Crisis and Orgiastic Mystery in Second Modernity”


10:45-12:15 (Keene Faculty Center)
PANEL #8: Work
Moderator: Susan Hegeman
1) Robert Wood (University of California, Irvine) “Aesthetic and Crisis: Brecht's Approach to the Construction of the Popular”
2) Aaron Pease (University of Florida) “Disappearing Bodies”
3) Brandon J. Carr (University of Florida) “From Praxis to Heuristic: The Structuralist Confrontation of Sartre’s 1960 Critique of Dialectical Reason”


1:45-3:15 (Keene Faculty Center)
PANEL #9: Film
Moderator: Scott Nygren
1) Todd Reynolds (Georgia Institute of Technology) “Animation/Automation: Magic, Mystification, and Making Money in the Turn-of-the-Century Motion Picture”
2) Stanley Corkin (University of Cincinnati) “The Cinema of Gentrification and the Crisis of Overproduction: Woody Allen Presents Post-Industrial New York”
3) Dragan Kujundzic (University of Florida) “‘Bad For the Glass’: Chinatown, State of Emergency, State of Debt”


3:30-5:00 (Keene Faculty Center)
Moderator: Phil Wegner
Featuring: Nora Alter, Michael Hardt, John Leavey, Tim Murphy, Galili Shahar


8:00 (off-campus location)
Conference Reception