Almost Always Deceived:
Revolutionary Praxis and Reinventions of Need

March 29-31, 2001
University of Florida

All panels will take place in the O. Ruth McQuown room, 219 Dauer Hall.
The keynotes will take place in the Keene Faculty Center on the first floor of Dauer Hall.

Thursday, March 29

9.00-10.30 Mapping the Imaginary
Alan Clinton, "The Bliss of Dispersion: An Archaeology of Discovery"
Terry Harpold, "New Lands: Heterotopias of the Network"
Scott Nygren, "Animals and Machines: Running Amuck in Imamurais' 60's Films"
Moderator: Erica Pittman

10.45-12.15 Between Classes
Mindy Cardozo, "A Teaching Story"
Dina Smith, "Toward a Materialist Identity Politics"
Trish Ventura, "Welfare Reform, Enclosure, and the New Economy"
Moderator: Harun Thomas

12.30-2.00 LUNCH

Book Discussion: "Strange Love, or How We Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Market"
Robin Truth Goodman, "Junk-King Education"
Kenneth Saltman, "Rivers of Fire: Amoco's Impact on Education"
Respondent: Peter McLaren

4.00-5.30 Recontextualizing the Queer
Renuka Bisht, "Fire: Directing Transpositions in Bollywood's Market"
Kim Emery, "Left. Out. : Capitalism, Compulsory Heterosexuality, and the Gay Marriage Question"
N. Shahani, "Mapping Strategies: Queering the National Line"
Moderator: Laura Sullivan

7.30 Writing and Commitment
Michael Hofmann, Rick Joines, Ralph Savarese, Stephanie Smith

Friday, March 30

8.30-10.00 Discordant Desires
Jeff Brooks, "L'Education Brut: The Educational Philosophy of Jean Debuffet"
Csaba Toth, "Rethinking the Politics of the Ear: Japan's Sonic Underground"
Maureen Turim, "Cool Desires, Godard Drives"
Moderator: E. Scott Launier

Activist Forum

11.45-12.30 LUNCH

12.45-2.15 Have It Your Way
Dennis Badeen, "On the Ideology of Consumer Sovereignty and the Production of Needs"
Marsha Bryant, "Plath, Advertising, and the Domestic Surreal"
Michael LeBlanc, "The Cost of Being on Top: Nonsense and Disconnectedness in Top Girls"
Robyn Marasco, "Crisis, Culture, and Consumption: The Commodification of Dissent in Late Capitalism"
Moderator: Brian Meredith

2.30-4.00 "Marxism, Cultural Studies, and the Pedagogy of Desire"
Roundtable: Susan Hegeman, Jane Kuenz, Shelton Waldrep, Philip Wegner

4.15-6.00 Spatial Economies
Sonya Anderson, "Bodies in Space: Postmodern Desires to Name and Transcend the Iron Cage"
Christian Gregory, "Dow Theory: 2001"
Tace Hedrick, "Modernist Bodies at the Millenial Border: Who Needs Mexico?"
Philip Wegner, "The Pretty Woman Goes Global: Or, Learning to Love 'Americanization' in Notting Hill"
Moderator: Derek Merrill

8.00 Keynote Address
Peter McLaren, "Critical Pedagogy at the Crossroads: Notes for a New Revolutionary Politics"

Reception to follow in the Keene Faculty Center

Saturday, March 31

Red Collective I
Class and Materiality: Labor, the Unsaid of Re-visionist Heterodoxy
Stephen Tumino, "The Parody of Flexodox Marxism: Why Orthodox Marxism is Needed to End Inequality for All"
Brian Ganter, "Orthodox Marxism and Pedagogy: The 'Molecular' and the 'Molar' Pedagogues"
Deborah Kelsh, "(D)evolutionary Socialism and the Containment of Class: For a Red Theory of Class"
Amrohini Sahay, "Globality and Class: Left-Transnationalism and Red Internationalism

Red Collective II
Marxism in the Contemporary Spaces
Julie Torrant, "Family, Capital, and the Left Now"
Kimberly DeFazio, "Urban Post-Theory, Class and the City"
Jennifer Cotter, "Eclipsing Exploitation: Transnational Feminism, Sex Work, and Ethical Resistance"
Rob Wilkie, "Labor as Revolutionary Praxis: A Red Critique of the 'Post-Work' Ideologies"

12.10-1.10 LUNCH

1.10-2.40 Slash and Burn
Dean Casale, "Producing In-Organic Intellectuals: Literacies, Labor and the Fate of State Institutions of Higher Education"
Kavita Philip, "Needs of Nature? Environmentalism, Human Rights Law, and the Global Corporation"
Laura Sullivan, "'Supermodels of the Rainforest': Neoimperialism, Intellectual Property and Cosmetics"
Moderator: Ralph Savarese

2.50-4.20 Capital Nightmares
Andy Hazucha and John Wells, "Fahrenheit 666: Fundamentalist Firemen and Dystopic Nihilism"
Brian Meredith, "The Return of the 18th Century"
William Scott, "Revolutionary Consumption"
Moderator: Raina Joines

4.30-6.00 Critical Conditions
Eugene Holland, "Desire, Needs, and the Revolution from a Schizoanalytic Perspective"
Donald Judd, "Critical Realism & Social Justice: Moving Beyond the Fact/Value Dichotomy"
Julian Wolfreys, "Hauntology or the Political: Or, No Politics Not Now"
Respondent: Rick Joines

8.00 Keynote Address
Rosemary Hennessy, "Building Social Movement Out of Unmet Needs: Class Consciousness, Transnational Solidarity, Hope"

Sponsored by:
Center for Humanities Lecture Series
The English Department at the University of Florida
The Marxist Reading Group