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[issue] Volume 5, Issue 4 Alan Moore and Adaptation

Posted 04 Apr, 2011

On behalf of Donald Ault and the Editorial Staff of ImageTexT, I am pleased to announce that ImageTexT Volume 5, Issue 4 is now available:

This specual issue of ImageTexT, "Alan Moore and Adaptation" is edited by Rex Krueger and Katherine Shaeffer. The issue interrogates the relationship of Alan Moore's acclaimed work in comics to the process of adaptation. It seeks to explore not only how Moore's comics have been adapted, but how Moore's comics frequently function as adaptation in their own right.

"Alan Moore and Adaptation" features articles by Colin Beineke, Megan A.Condis, Vyshali Manivannan, Paul Petrovic and Jack Teiwes, as well as reviews by Eric L. Berlatsky, Ellen Grabiner, Mervi Miettinen, Laura Perna, Matthew Pustz, Caleb Simmons and Anastasia Ulanowicz.

Table of Contents


Editors' Introduction: Alan Moore and Adaptation by Rex Krueger and Katherine Shaeffer


"Her Guardiner": Alan Moore's Swamp Thing as the Green Man by Colin Beineke

The Saga of the Swamp Thing: Feminism and Race on the Comic Book Stand by Megan A.Condis

Interplay Amidst the Strangeness and the Charm: Under-language and the Attenuation of Meaning in the Film Adaptation of Watchmen by Vyshali Manivannan

The Culturally Constituted Gaze: Fetishizing the Feminine from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's Watchmen to Zack Snyder's Watchmen by Paul Petrovic

A Man of Steel (by any other name):
Adaptation and Continuity in Alan Moore's "Superman"
by Jack Teiwes


Review of Annalisa Di Liddo's Alan Moore: Comics as Performance, Fiction as Scalpel by Eric L. Berlatsky

Review of Mechademia 4: War/Time by Ellen Grabiner

Comics OR Philosophy? A Review of Comics as Philosophy (2005) by Mervi Miettinen

Review of Art Spiegelman: Conversations by Laura Perna

Review of Of Comics and Men: A Cultural History of American Comic Books by Matthew Pustz

Review of The Anime Machine by Caleb Simmons

Review of Graphic Women: Life Narrative and Contemporary Comics by Anastasia Ulanowicz



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