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[issue] Volume 3, Issue 3 Comics and Childhood

Posted 21 Jun, 2007

On behalf of Donald Ault and the Editorial Staff of ImageTexT, I am pleased to announce that ImageTexT Volume 3, Issue 3 is now available:

Volume 3, Issue 3, a special issue devoted to "Comics and Childhood," is edited by Cathlena Martin and Charles Hatfield. It seeks to examine the intersection of comics and childhood from several vantages, including comics and children's literature, comics and education, comics and publishing, and comics and revisions of literature.

This issue features essays from Gorg Mallia, Daniel Yezbick, James Bucky Carter, Philip Sandifer, Veronique Bragard, Cari Keebaugh, Kathy Merlock Jackson and Mark D. Arnold, as well as original art by Sam Hester. This special issue includes several ImageTexT firsts. The journal's first roundtable links scholars Meredith Collins, Tof Eklund, Charles Hatfield and Kenneth Kidd in conversation about Lost Girls. And we have included Jesse Cohn's translation of and commentary on Benoît Peeters's "Four Conceptions of the Page," we hope the first of many such new translations of important comics theory and criticism previously unavailable in English.

Table of Contents


"Learning from the Sequence: The Use of Comics in Instruction," Gorg Mallia

"Riddles of Engagement: Narrative Play in the ChildrenŐs Media and Comic Art of George Carlson," Daniel Yezbick

"The Many Sides of Hank: Modifications, Adjustments, and Adaptations of Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King ArthurŐs Court," Cari Keebaugh

"Crossovers and Changeovers: Reading Lynn Johnston through Margaret Mahy," Sam Hester

"When Real Things Happen to Imaginary Tigers," Philip Sandifer

"Imagetext in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time," James Bucky Carter

"Opening-Up Aesop's Fables: Heteroglossia in Slade & Toni Morrison and Pascal Lema”tre's 'The Ant or the Grasshopper?'," Veronique Bragard

"Baby-Boom Children and Harvey Comics After the Code: A Neighborhood of Little Girls and Boys," Kathy Merlock Jackson and Mark D. Arnold


A roundtable on Lost Girls includes articles by Kenneth Kidd, Tof Eklund, Meredith Collins, and Charles Hatfield.


Also included in the issue is Jesse Cohn's translation of and commentary on Benoît Peeters's "Four Conceptions of the Page."

Future issues include one celebrating the comics work of Neil Gaiman, another on the Picture Book, and a general issue.



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