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[general] A Message from The Sequential Artists Workshop

Posted 26 May, 2011

ImageTexT recently received the following letter from the founders of The Sequential Artists Workshop, a new comix art school that will be located in Gainesville, Florida. We are very excited about this project, and decided to cross-post the Workshop's announcement here. The letter itself follows:

Dear colleagues, students, and friends,

If you haven't yet heard about The Sequential Artists Workshop or SAW, our soon-to-be comix art school in Gainesvile, Florida, we want to tell you about it now, and also thank those who have contributed to our fundraiser at

We're starting this school because we recognize more and more the need for intensive training in this artform, and also want to see the good, interesting adventurous artists out there multiply and flourish. That's why we're calling it The Sequential Artists Workshop: our mission is to train and support artists.

The school is being founded by Tom Hart, who has taught cartooning at the School of Visual Arts in New York City for 10 years, and has helped countless amazing students at SVA become artists. Tom says, "Cartooning and graphic novels are becoming bigger and bigger every day. I tutor and teach more and more people who are fascinated by this medium but donít know itís workings or donít know its history, or who just need time and mentoring to practice, learn and work. We want to be a place to for those people to work, to learn the form and to become sequential artists."

To start this school, we're launching a fundraising campaign at that we hope you will be excited to be a part of. We've loaded up our terrific thank you gifts to reward various your various tax-deductible gift amounts: we have some great posters by Vanessa Davis, Josh Bayer and Sam Henderson, a John Porcellino print , original art by Nick Bertozzi, Jason Little and others, and even a week's worth of personalized comic strips for you by Tom.

Click here to see our video on Indiegogo (it's like Kickstarter, but in our situation allows your donations to be tax-deductible), to read more about our goals and gifts: See some of those gifts below:

Original Art by various artists
Original Art
Original art by Jason Little, Nick Bertozzi, Nick Abadzis, Brendan Leach, Jon Lewis and more. Click here for more info about those.
Leela Corman Personalized Drawings
Personalized drawings by Leela Corman
Leela will draw you and a sweetie or any couple you like (within law and/or reason) in an embrace in the style of Cuddle Sutra, (a book by Rob Gader, see here.)
Vanessa Davis Dolphin Print
Posters and prints
18" x 24" posters by Vanessa Davis, Sam Henderson and Josh Bayer, plus a John Porcellino wildlife print and a single Sara Varon print.
Josh Bayer Batman Card
Cards and Thank Yous
For a mere $5 and for every donation above that amount, we will send you this great limited edition Josh Bayer postcard and write a personal thank you on the reverse by hand, with ye olde Hunt 102.

That link to watch our video on Indiegogo, to learn more about the school and our plans, and to see our thank you gifts, is:


Tom Hart, Leela Corman and others from The Sequential Artists Workshop



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