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[cfp] "Monsters in the Margins" April 13-15, 2012

Posted 20 Nov, 2011

UF Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels

In any crisis, whether economic or cultural, there is a sense of an unimaginable danger right around the corner. These unknown and unfathomable terrors fascinate the imagination and dramatically play out our anxieties in a more cognitively relatable form—we attempt to embody them, to transplant them, or to make them somehow tangible—yet the underlying terror persists. The narratives and mediums we channel our terrors into become our monsters.

In the midst of the first true economic crisis of the 21st century, we return to these sites with renewed curiosity. How can we depict the sublime terror of our anxieties? How can we convey our unabashed horror through image and text, and communicate those feelings? Why do we keep trying to re-imagine the same monstrous templates, especially when the tools of a craft are perpetually unable to represent the unimaginable?

The 9th University of Florida Comics Conference hopes to address these issues by welcoming any and all explorations into the representation of monsters in a visual/textual form. We are especially interested in how text augments the imaginative image (or vice versa) and approaches horror in ways that help the conscious mind endure and (hopefully) resolve the trauma that the unknown antagonizes within us. From traditional genres to new horizons of horror, we seek to examine the monsters of media and attempt to understand how the medium influences the message.

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[publication] Occupy Comics: Art + Stories Inspired by Wall Street

Posted 12 Nov, 2011

Occupy Comics is a new initiative combining comic art with activism in support of the "99%".

Occupy Wall Street has inspired Occupy Comics, a movement designed to support the occupiers through the creation of comic books. The digital and print runs of Occupy Comics will be funded by donations (the project is accpting pledges now), and all of the creators and executives responsible for the comic's creation will be, in turn, donating their proceeds to the Wall Street occupiers. For more information, including details on publishing, distribution and donation, see the project's page on kickstarter.

[issue] ImageTexT Issue 6.1 Release

Posted 09 Nov, 2011

9 November 2011, Gainesville FL

ImageTexT Interdisciplinary Comics Scholarship Journal hereby announces the release of its latest issue, volume 6 number 1. It, along with our archive of back-issues, can be accessed from our main page at

Issue 6.1 is ImageTexT’s first general issue since the winter of 2010. We are proud to present five feature articles:

  • Matthew Bolton’s “Fidelity and Period Aesthetics in Comics Adaptation” explores the potential for fidelity and innovation inherent in the comics medium;
  • Jonathan Gaboury’s “The Violence Museum: Aesthetic Wounds from Popeye to We3” examines the function of aestheticized violence in a range of notable comics;
  • Sean Macdonald’s “Two Texts on ‘Comics’ from China, ca. 1932” provides translations of, and commentary on, a pair of articles by Lu Xun and Mao Dun that deal with imagetexts;
  • Nancy Pedri’s “When Photographs Aren’t Quite Enough: Reflections on Photography and Cartooning in Le Photographe” critiques the narrative interplay between illustration, photography, and text;
  • Walton Wood’s “The Empirical Twilight: A Pony’s Guide to Science and Anarchism” expounds on the intellectual politics and artistic dynamics of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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