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Guest Artist John Porcellino

Artist John Porcellino was brought as a guest to the "ImageNext: Visions Past and Future" conference by the Alachua County Public Libraries, who have long been supporters (and frequent co-sponsors) of the University of Florida Conference on Comics and graphic Novels. John Porcellino is an artist and comics creator known for using a distinctive, spare drawing style to enhance the representations of everyday life that appear in his works. His comics include King-Cat, the autobiographical Diary of a Mosquito Abatement Man and Thoreau at Walden, a graphic novel that uses the writings of Heny David Thoreau for its text. John Porcellino's work can be found and purchased through his website, King-Cat Comics.

When asked if he would be willing to contribute to the ImageNext special issue, John Porcellino was gracious enough to send us this Florida-themed drawing to showcase here.

Greetings from Florida the Sunshine State

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