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About ImageTexT

The objective of ImageTexT is to advance the academic study of comic books, comic strips, and animated cartoons. Under the guidance of an editorial board of scholars from a variety of disciplines, ImageTexT publishes solicited and peer-reviewed papers that investigate the material, historical, theoretical, and cultural implications of visual textuality. ImageTexT welcomes essays emphasizing (but not limited to) the aesthetics, cognition, production, reception, distribution and dissemination of comics and other media as they relate to comics, along with translations of previously existing research on comics as dimensions of visual culture.

Exploring all periods and all countries and deploying a wide range of disciplinary approaches, ImageTexT is designed to foster innovative discussions of the political and social implications of comics, to generate original formal aesthetic analyses of comics, and to broaden theoretical discussions of genre, period, narrative, and complex image/text relationships in comics and related media. ImageTexT will include reviews of current scholarship in the field, announcements regarding relevant conferences and upcoming publications, and links to other theoretical projects of interest to readers. ImageTexT will also provide currently unavailable English-language translations of seminal essays of comics theory. ImageTexT is listed in the MLA Bibliography, beginning summer 2005.


Unsolicited articles for ImageTexT will appear in the journal after passing a peer-review process.


ImageTexT is a web-based journal with free and full public access to all articles. Authors publishing in ImageTexT have the opportunity to use a wider range and number of images, including those in full-color, than would be possible in a print journal. ImagTexT’s web format also allows authors to use links within their essays to other Internet content.

Some issues of ImageTexT will on specific topics, while others will feature unsolicited articles. We will also publish translations of essays previously unavailable in English. ImageTexT will maintain a complete archive of previous issues.

Editorial Board and Production Staff

Information about the Editorial Board is available on the Editorial Board page, here.

ImageTexT is indexed in the MLA Bibliography.

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