NOVEMBER 5-7, 2010

Jeremy Barr (Florida Atlantic University), “‘The Impermanence of Things’: Memory, Historicity, and Indexicality in Chris Marker’s Sans soleil

Suzanne Bouclin (University of Ottawa), “Film as Law”

Richard Burt (University of Florida), “Cinema Derridé:  Philosophy as Film”

Jong Chul Choi (University of Florida), “The Reemergence of Theatricality and Its Ethical Possibility: Aernout Mik and his Fake Documentary”

Carolina Conte (Jacksonville University), “Collage, the Institutionalization of Subjectivity in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys

Dittmar Dittrich (Loyola University), “Projection and Reflection: Analyzing Philosophical Dimensions in Moving Images”

Tamar Ditzian (University of Florida) “Becoming-Woman, Becoming-Animal, and Becoming-Photograph in Ginger Snaps

Elizabeth Dixon (University of Florida), “To Know You is To Love You: Epistemology and Power Imbalance in the Hitchcockian Espionage Romance”

Scott Ferguson (University of South Florida), “‘Corrupting Youth’: On Philosophy and New Media in the Dialogues of France tour détour deux enfants

Paige Fowler (University of Florida), “Film as a Tool for Improvisation”

Erich Freiberger (Jacksonville University), “Thinking Without Guarantees: Film and Problem of Philosophical Transmission”

Lauren Glenn (University of Florida), “The Wind in the Trees, Explosions on the Field: Philosophy and Ethics in Contemporary Combat Films”

Alexander Greenhough (Stanford University), “In Defense of Philosophical Film Theory”

Ulrike Hanstein (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar), “The Meaning of a Word, or Envisioning Language and Subjectivity”

Gary Hink (University of Florida), “The Virtual Unthought Film Generates for Deleuze”

Seung-hoon Jeong (NYU Abu Dhabi), “Para-Index as Digit to the Unthinkable”

Aaron Kashtan (University of Florida), “Felix, the Monsters and the Kitties: Fantasies of Handwriting in Silent and Digital Animation”

Carolyn Kelley (University of Florida), “Filmosophy and ‘Filmbody’: The Optic Whiteness of Film Noir”

Katie Kohn (Harvard University), “What Philosophy Finds in Cinema: Focus on Alain Badiou”

Georg Koszulinski (University of Florida), “A Form That Perceives Before It Thinks: Godard and his Place in the Verité Tradition”

Joanna Koulianos (University of South Florida), “Extraterrestrial Forms-of-life:  Locating the Non-human Animal in District 9

Laura Lee (Florida State University), “Japan’s New Genre Cinema and Film Ontology Beyond the Photographic”

Mitch Margolis (University of Florida), “Internal Tension and Hermeneutic Dissension: Critical Criticism with Gone Baby Gone

Missy Molloy (University of Florida), “Godard and Female Bodies: Bridging Traditional Western Aesthetics and Consumer Culture”

David Neary (University College Dublin), “After Thought: Cinema, Self and Soul in Hirokazu Koreeda’s After Life

Scott Nygren (University of Florida), “Bodies and Borders: The Films of Apichatpong Weerasethakul”

Elena Oxman (UNC-Chapel Hill), “Thinking Images: Jean Epstein and the Revaluation of Photogénie”

Kate Rennebohm (Concordia University, QC), “The Ethical Filmmaker: Chantal Akerman and Là-bas

Allison Rittmayer (University of Florida), “Thiriez’s Razor: Ontologies of the Self and Embodying the Subject in La Moustache

Adam Rosadiuk (Concordia University, QC), “Thinking in Words, Looking at the World: The Experience of Insight Explored through the Literary and Visual Figurative Tropes of Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line (1998)”

Emile Fromet de Rosnay (University of Victoria), “Why Do I Love Cléo So Much? Varda and the ‘Whatness’ of Cinema”

Francey Russell (Vanderbilt University), “Film and Anxiety: A Reading of Todd Haynes' Safe

Steven Rybin (Georgia Gwinnett College), “The Character's Becoming: Performance and Philosophy in Film”

Joan Shaffer (University of North Florida), “Errol Morris’ Standard Operating Procedure: Photographic Representations as Computerized Data”

Jillian Smith (University of North Florida), “Viewing Torture and War: Conceptual, Sensational, or Ethical?”

Matthew Stoddard (University of Minnesota), “Powers of the False: Film Restoration as Simulation”

Sergey Toymentsev (Rutgers University), “‘Landscape as a Witness of Death’: Sokurov and the Unthinkable”

Maureen Turim (University of Florida), “Philosophy's Desire: How Does This Change What We Talk about When We Talk about Desire and Film”

Pablo Utin (Tel Aviv University, University of Miami), “Deleuze's Transcendental Empiricism and the Ontology of Film”

Nicholas de Villiers (University of North Florida), “Embody Your Oeuvre: Intellectual Profiles and the Philosophical Documentary”

Michael Williams (Berklee College of Music), “Becoming-Filmic: The Practice of Grammatology in Everyday Life”

Stephanie Williams (Lynn University), “Watching the Viewer: An Analysis of Kiarostami’s Shirin

Andrew Wilson (University of Florida), “Mangia! or Pasolini, Godard and Scenes From the Mouth of Hell”

Rotem Yifat (Tel Aviv University), “A Stare(way) to Life - A Look at ‘Camera Looks’ Following Jean Paul Sartre”