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FDS 2010 Program (PDF)

Futures of Digital Studies 2010
5th Annual Digital Assembly Conference

9am - Check-in, Coffee and Light Breakfast.

Thursday February 25, 2010
Panel Presentations 282 Reitz

Organized by Mauro Carassai
with the assistance of: Patrick LeMieux, Stephanie Boluk, and Elise Takehana

Moderator: Marina Hassapopoulou
Panel 1 - 9:30-10:45
“New ‘Computer Board Games’: Counter-Immersive Forms and Theories of Play”
          Tof Eklund - University of Florida
“Combinatorial Futures: Hope, Torchlight, and Random Generation”
           Rob Schoenbeck - University of California, Irvine
"Anamorphic Subjectivity: Simulating the Digital Any-Space-Whatever in Eccentric Games"
           Stephanie Boluk - University of Florida
           Patrick LeMieux - University of Florida

Moderator: Katerie Gladdys
Panel 2 - 10:55 - 12:10
“Implementation and Interpretation of Locative Narrative”
          Juan B. Gutierrez - University of Miami
           Laura Borràs - Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)
“Locative Media and the Future of Narrative”
           Brian Greenspan - Carleton University (Canada)
“Alternate Reality Games and the Futures of Textuality”
           Zach Whalen - University of Mary Washington

Lunch - 12:10-2:10

Moderator: Wes Kline
Panel 3 - 2:10-3:10
“Beyond Representation: Embodied Expression and Social Me-dia”
          Lissa Holloway-Attaway - Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (Sweden)
“NeoVictorian New Media: the Critical Difficulty”
          Mark Bernstein - Eastgate Systems

Moderator: Jack Stenner
Panel 4 - 3:20-4:35
“‘After the Bubble Bursts’: Wikipedia, Rhetoric, and Software Studies”
           James J. Brown, Jr. - Wayne State University
“Phantasmal Media Technologies: Mental Imagery and Ideology in Code” 
           Fox Harrell - Georgia Tech
“Webbots and Machinic Agency”
           John Johnston - Emory University

Moderator: Zach Whalen
Panel 5 - 4:45-6:00
“Literacies for the Near Future”
           Holly Willis - University of Southern California
“The Underside of Digital Studies”
           Terry Harpold - University of Florida
“Web 2.0 and the Ontology of the Digital”
           Aden Evens - Dartmouth College

Exhibit Opening 6:00-10:00 with John Cayley and Daniel Howe performing at 7:00

Friday February 26, 2010
Panel Presentations 282 Reitz

Organized by Mauro Carassai
with the assistance of: Patrick LeMieux, Stephanie Boluk, and Elise Takehana

Moderator: Nic Guest-Jelly
Panel 1 - 9:30-10:45
“Forward to the Past: Scribblenauts, Okami, and the Future of the Trace”
          Aaron Kashtan - University of Florida
“Scrolling Rhizomes”
          Steven LeMieux - University of Florida
“Google Wave”
          Matthew Carroll - ADAM  University of Florida
          Bradley Barcus - ADAM  University of Florida

Moderator: Scott Nygren
Panel 2 - 10:55 - 12:10
“Digital Theory Reconfigurations: Intermediality, Multimodality, Remediation and their environs”
          Asunción López-Varela - Universidad Complutense Madrid (Spain)
“Machinic Realism: The New, Old-Fashioned Way”
          Megan Ward - Point Park University
“Metaphors and Devices in Anne Friedberg’s The Virtual Window”
          Maureen Turim - University of Florida

Lunch - 12:10-1:55

Moderator: Victoria Bradbury
Panel 3 - 1:55-3:10
          Phil Gochenour - Towson University
"Simulating Reading: Digital Research Beyond the Database"
          Craig Saper - University of Central Florida
“The Learning Screen: Towards a Pedagogy for Electracy”
          Gregory Ulmer - University of Florida

Moderator: Mark Bernstein
Panel 4 - 3:20-4:35
“Digital Literature and the Modernist Problem”
          Maria Engberg - Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (Sweden)
          Jay David Bolter - Georgia Institute of Technology
“The Heuristic Value of Electronic Literature”
           Serge Bouchardon - University of Technology of Compiegne (France)
“The Data Story: Affective Aesthetic Compositions”
           Elise Takehana - University of Florida

Moderator: Mauro Carassai
Panel 5 - 4:45-6:45
“Writing to be Found and Writing Readers"
          John Cayley - Brown University
"Graphic Sublime: On the Art and Designwriting of Kate Armstrong and Michael Tippet"
          Joseph Tabbi - University of Illinois, Chicago

8:00-12:00 Installation of Sociable Pint by Brian Larson Clark at Brophy's Irish Pub


Saturday February 27, 2010
Videoconference Sessions - REVE Room DWI

Organized by Mauro Carassai

Session 1: Beyond Literary? - 12:00 - 1:20
N. Katherine Hayles - Duke University
Nick Montfort - MIT
Jerome McGann - University of Virginia
Matthew Kirschenbaum - University of Maryland
Michael Joyce – Vassar College

Break - 1:20-1:40

Session 2: Perspectives of Machinic Expression - 1:40-3:00
Rita Raley - UC Santa Barbara
Arthur Kroker - University of Victoria
Luciano Floridi - Oxford University (United Kingdom)
Lev Manovich - UC San Diego
Janet H. Murray (Recorded Statement) - Georgia Tech 

Debriefing Session - 3:15

8:30 Film Screening - Hippodrome Theatre
Computer Animation Screening

The Digital Assembly would like to thank our sponsors for supporting “Futures of Digital Studies 2010”, our 5th Annual Conference as well as the many volunteers who assisted in the conference preparation.

Department of English
School of Art & Art History (SAAH)
Digital Media Art (DMA)
Graduate Film Studies Group
Digital Worlds Institute
ImageTexT: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies
Center for Student Activities and Involvement (CSAI)
Association of Digital Art and Media (ADAM)
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Student Council (CLASSC)
Student Government Finance
J. Wayne Reitz Union
Xerographics Copy Center

Special Thanks
Paola Pizzichini
Tamar Ditzian
Kevin Sherman
Lauren Glenn
Allison Rittmayer
Todd Jurgess
Elizabeth Dixon
Jane Dominguez
Kristin Allukian
Brophy’s Irish Pub

Installation Assistants
Zach Castedo
Lu Cao
Josh Cajinarobleto
Mitze Mize
Cristina Molina
Kristin Reeves
Kenneth Wilson

Videoconference Technical Support
          James Oliverio
          Patrick Pagano
          Nandhini Giri

Documentation and Technical Support
Zach Castedo
Josh Cajinarobleto
Cristina Molina
Kristin Reeves
Kenneth Wilson

This event is organized by Digital Assembly

Co-sponsored by:

Digital Media Program, Film Studies Group, UF English Dpt.

Videoconference Sessions' technical support by

Digital Worlds Institute