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Presentation Guidelines

FDS conference etiquette

Owing to the density and tight schedule of our panels program, we strongly recommend that single presentations do not go overtime. The average time limit for each presenter is 15 minutes. The presentation duration can be extended only in extraordinary circumstances by sending specific request to your panel moderator and providing rationale for the time extension.

Please consider that under no circumstances can presentations exceed 20 minutes and moderators will have to cut off your talk at that point. As a consequence, we ask you to please make sure that your presentation conforms to the duration defined by your panel chair.

Q&A Sessions are scheduled at the end of each panel after the set of individual presentations.

Technical Requirements

We assume presenters will work from their own laptops but, in case you are unable to bring your own, please consider that the only computer available will be a MacBook (available for public use, OSX 10.4, 2GHz Intel Processor, 1GB RAM).

Please note that media systems in the Reitz 282 will support only:

1024x768 resolution
VGA from a standard 9 pin 'female' computer socket.
(Mac users and others - don't forget your adaptors - we cannot guarantee the correct adapter will be available)
Audio via standard stereo mini jack.

Please ensure that your media work ahead of time so as not to disrupt the panel schedule in ways that might inconvenience all other presenters.


This event is organized by Digital Assembly

Co-sponsored by:

Digital Media Program, Film Studies Group, UF English Dpt.

Videoconference Sessions' technical support by

Digital Worlds Institute