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Serge Bouchardon (University of Technology of Compiegne – France), “The heuristic value of electronic literature”

James J. Brown, Jr (Wayne State University), “After the Bubble Bursts’: Wikipedia, Media Wiki, and Software Studies”

Taina Bucher (University of Oslo – Norway), “Conceptualizing software in between culture and code: outline for future media studies”

Chris Eklund (University of Florida), “New ‘Computer Board Games:’ Counter-Immersive Forms and Theories of Play”

Maria Engberg (Blekinge Tekniska Högskola - Sweden) and Jay David Bolter (Georgia Institute of Technology) , “Digital Literature and the Modernist Problem”

Phil Gochenour (Towson University), “Nodalism”

Brian Greenspan (Carleton University - Ottawa, Canada), “Locative Media and the Future of Narrative”

Juan B. Gutierrez (University of Miami) and Laura Borràs (Universitat de Barcelona - Spain), “Implementation and Interpretation of Locative Narrative”

Lissa Holloway (Blekinge Tekniska Högskola - Karlskrona, Sweden), “Beyond Representation: Embodied Expression and Social Me-dia”

John Johnston (Emory University), “Webbots and Machinic Agency”

Aaron Kashtan (University of Florida), “Forward to the Past: Scribblenauts, Okami, and the Future of the Trace”

Steven J LeMieux (University of Florida), “Experiment 003—Scrolling Rhizomes”

Asunción López-Varela (Universidad Complutense Madrid, Spain), “Digital Theory Reconfigurations: Intermediality, Multimodality, Remediation and their environs”

Rob Schoenbeck (UC Irvine), “Combinatorial Futures: Hope, Torchlight, and Random Generation”

Elise Takehana (University of Florida), “The Data Story: Affective Aesthetic Compositions”

Maureen Turim (University of Florida), “Metaphors and Devices in Anne Friedberg's The Virtual Window”

Megan Ward (Point Park University), “Machinic Realism: The New, Old-Fashioned Way”

Zach Whalen (University of Mary Washington), “ Alternate Reality Games and the Futures of Textuality”

Holly Willis (University of Southern California), “Literacies for the Near Future”


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Digital Media Program, Film Studies Group, UF English Dpt.

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