Le Cinéma noir Américain

Le Cinéma noir Américain Mark A. Reid, Janine Euvrard, Francis Bordat, and Raphaël Bassant, eds.

Paris: CinémAction, 1988
ISBN: 9780520079021

The cinema of Black Americans, a “genre” apart, long neglected by historians and critics, was not born at the end of the 80s with the success of Spike Lee, or even in the seventies with the “blaxploitation” phenomenon, but at the beginning of the century after D.W. Griffith’s sadly famous “Birth of a Nation.” Here, the author brings us an aesthetic and political history of black American cinema, which, in spite of its eclecticism, has always had the same original objective: to make Afro-Americans visible on the screen and to construct a positive image. Which is why this book combines film analysis with socio-cultural parameters.

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