Illogic of Sense: The Gregory Ulmer Remix

Illogic of SenseGregory L. Ulmer

Eds. Darren Tofts and Lisa Gye
Ebook design by Joel Swanson

electronic book review and Alt XPress, 2007
ISBN 10: 1931560153
ISBN 13: 9781931560153

“Simultaneously celebrating and expanding on the writing performances located in Gregory Ulmer’s rich oeuvre of totally remixable source material, the collection of essays in Illogic of Sense adhere to an experiential approach to creative/critical writing and in so doing teach us how to write a theory of poetics that will help us invent a new field of study that I would call interdisciplinary digital humanities.” – Mark Amerika

The Illogic of Sense is available for free download under the Creative Commons license from <>.

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