Lead Us Into Temptation: The Triumph of American Materialism

Lead Us Into Termptation: The Triumph of American MaterialismJames Twitchell

Columbia University Press, 1999
ISBN: 0-23111-518-0

Coke adds life. Just do it. Yo quiero Taco Bell… We live in a commercial age awash in a sea of brand names, logos, and advertising jingles – not to mention commodities themselves. Are shoppers merely the unwitting stooges of the greed corporations who will stop at nothing to sell their wares? Are advertisers’ powers of persuasion so great that resistance is futile?

Twitchell counters the notion of the “used and abused consumer” with a witty and unflinching look at commercial culture, starting from the simple observation that “we are powerfully atracted to the world of goods (after all, we don’t call them ‘bads’).”

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