Women at the University of Florida

Women at the University of FloridaKevin McCarthy, ed.

University of Florida’s Sesquicentennial Committee, 2003

The University of Florida, which celebrated its sesquicentennial in 2003, officially became co-educational in 1947. However, did you know that there were women at UF and its predecessor schools before that? That, in fact, UF had female students when it was at Lake City? That, even after the school became male-only during the regular academic year, it had more female students than male students in summer school? That the university became co-educational again in 1947 and today has more female undergraduate students than male undergraduate students?

This is the story of women at UF: how they were not accepted during the regular academic year unless the courses they wanted were not offered elsewhere in Florida; how they were finally admitted after World War II; how they had to overcome many obstacles (the nepotism rule, blatant discrimination, lower salaries that their counterpart males); but how today they occupy important faculty and administrative positions on campus and excel as students at all levels. the accomplishments of women no doubt have contributed greatly to UF’s status of 50th in the latest U.S. News & World Report’s ranking of best schools in the United States, the first time that UF has been ranked so high.

The seven co-authors have been at UF for a combined 184 years, represent some of the major parts of the campus (administration, health center, law school, liberal arts and sciences), and have write extensively in many different fields. They have learned, and hope the readers of this book learn, the fascinating, involved history of women at UF.

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