The End of Books – Or Books Without End?: Reading Interactive Narratives

The End of Books--Or Books Without End?: Reading Interactive NarrativesJane Douglas

University of Michigan Press, 2000
ISBN: 0472111140

The End of Books – or Books Without End? examines writing by both proponents and skeptics of interactive fiction and the similarities and differences between print and hypertext fiction. Looking closely at such critically acclaimed interactive works as Stuart Moulthrop’s Victory Garden and Michael Joyce’s Afternoon: A Story, it illuminates how these hypertext narratives “work.” While she sees hypertext as a still-evolving technology and medium, J. Yellowlees Douglas identifies possible developments for the future of storytelling, basing her claims on outstanding examples of web-based fiction and CD-ROM narratives and exploring possibilities that will enable fiction both to portray the world with greater realism and to transcend the boundaries of novels and films, of character and plot. This lively and accessible volume will appeal to those interested in technology and cyberculture, as well as to readers familiar with literary criticism and modern fiction.

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