Leah Rosenberg

Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator

Leah RosenbergLeah Rosenberg received her PhD in Comparative Literature from Cornell University in 2000. She teaches Caribbean and Postcolonial studies, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary courses. A member of the advisory board of the Digital Library of the Caribbean (www.dloc.com) since 2008, she has worked to build its dLOC’s holdings in Anglophone Caribbean literature and history as well as its pedagogical materials and ability to support collaborative teaching.

Her book Nationalism and the Formation of Caribbean Literature (Palgrave 2007) tells the story of how intellectuals in the English-speaking Caribbean first created a distinctly Caribbean and national literature. As traditionally told, this story begins in the 1950s with the arrival and triumph of V.S. Naipaul, George Lamming, and their peers in the London literary scene. A few earlier writers are considered precursors or anomalies, such as Jean Rhys, Claude McKay, and C.L.R. James. A historically contextualized study of both canonical and noncanonical writers, this book illustrates that these few prominent authors participated in a West Indian literary tradition that began in the nineteenth century and that directly contributed to the rise of nationalism in the region. Nationalism and the Formation of Caribbean Literature offers a history of this first one hundred years of anglophone Caribbean literature and a critique of Caribbean literary studies that explains its neglect. It illuminates the contribution of Caribbean writers to European modernism and the Harlem Renaissance and documents the prominence of Indian and other new immigrant groups, of feminism, and of homosexuality in the formation of national literatures in the West Indies.

She is currently at work on Caribbean Tourism and the Transformation of Atlantic Culture, a cultural and political history of Caribbean tourism from 1890 to the present.


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