Jodi Schorb

Associate Professor, Associate Graduate Coordinator

Jodi SchorbJodi Schorb received her PhD in English (with a Designated Emphasis in Feminist Research and Theory) from University of California at Davis in 2006 and joined the UF faculty in 2006. Her teaching and research interests include early American literature; eighteenth-century print culture; the history of literacy; sentiment and affect studies; prison literature, theory, and history (including prison education and literacy); theories of gender and sexuality; and LGBT studies.

She was awarded Teacher of the Year from CLAS (2011) and Professor of the Year for Graduate Students from the Graduate Student Council (2013). She currently serves as Associate Graduate Coordinator and Graduate Placement Officer.

She is the author of Reading Prisoners: Literature, Literacy, and the Transformation of American Punishment, 1700–1845 (Rutgers University Press, 2014). Her articles appear in journals including Legacy, Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature, and in the edited collections History of American Crime Fiction (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming); Buried Lives: Incarcerated in Early America (University of Georgia Press, 2012), Early Native Literacies in New England: A Documentary and Critical Anthology (University of Massachusetts Press, 2008), and Puritan Origins of American Sex: Religion, Sexuality, and National Identity in American Culture (Routledge, 2000).

Current projects include: research on early penitentiary memoirs and newspapers; archival study of 19th-century LGBT correspondence networks; and a monograph on eighteenth-century American life writing and emerging sexual epistemologies.

Prospective graduate students may be interested in sample recent seminars, including “Corporeal Sensorium”: Affect, Taste, and Aesthetic Feeling in Early American Literature (Spring 2016); Sexing the Past: Theory and History of Early Modern Gender and Sexuality (Spring 2015); The Carceral Imaginary: Prison History, Literature and Theory (Spring 2014), and Life Writing and Self-Making in American Literature to 1820 (Spring 2013); archived graduate and undergraduate course descriptions are available on the Department of English’s “Courses” page.

Dr. Schorb will be on sabbatical in Fall 2016 and Fall 2017.


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