Debra Walker King


Debra Walker KingDebra Walker King joined the English faculty in 1994. She is a graduate of Emory University where she received her PhD in interdisciplinary studies (1994), the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (English MA, 1989), and North Carolina Central University (English BA, 1981).

Professor King is a Patricia Harris Fellow, a Ford Fellow, and a Schomburg Scholar. Her book Deep Talk: Reading African American Literary Names and Naming (University of Virginia Press, 1998) examines the discourse production of names in literature and the social real. She is editor of Body Politics and the Fictional Double (Indiana UP 2000), which explores fictional representations and stereotypes of real female bodies and how they influence our culture and our perception of women. Her book African Americans and the Culture of Pain has been published by the University of Virginia Press.

Professor King has also published articles and reviews in Names: The Journal of the American Name Society, Philosophy and Rhetoric, and African American Review; as well as contributed essays on women writers and their work to the Oxford Companion to African American Literature (Oxford UP, 1997) and Recovered Writers/Recovered Texts (University of Tennessee Press, 1997).

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