American Studies American Universities“American Studies American Universities”

8th Annual American Cultures Symposium
April 9–11, 2009
219 Dauer Hall (Ruth McQuown Room)

Thursday, April 9

7 PM. Coming Soon v2.2, a video essay by Brian Mann about UF’s “5-Year Plan” for CLAS; The University Here and Now, a panel discussion featuring John Leavey, Danaya Wright, Regina Martin, Kim Emery, Todd Reynolds, and Phil Wegner.

Friday, April 10

10 AM. Ellen Schrecker. “Academic Freedom in a Time of Terror and Financial Collapse”

1:30 PM. Roderick Ferguson. “The Metastases of Excellence: Race, Diversity, and Open Admissions at City College”

3:30 PM. Marc Bousquet. “Higher Exploitation,” a look at the undergraduate experience.

Saturday, April 11

10:30 AM. Elizabeth Freeman. “Desiring the University,” queer theory meets higher ed.

Noon. “Exploitation, Excellence, Desires, and Freedoms: the 21st-Century University,” a roundtable discussion with conference participants.

Featured Speakers

Marc Bousquet, Associate Professor of English at Santa Clara University, is the author of How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation and a founding editor of Workplace: A Journal for Academic Labor. Read about him at <> or view his video project at <>.

Roderick Ferguson, Associate Professor of Race and Critical Theory in the Department of American Studies at the University of Minnesota, is the author of Aberrations in Black: Toward a Queer of Color Critique. His current book project, The Reorder of Things: Birth of the Interdisciplines, explores “what the administrative machine does to work coming out of radical genealogies.” Read a recent interview with Ferguson at <>.

Elizabeth Freeman, Associate Professor of English at the University of California, Davis, is the author of The Wedding Complex: Forms of Belonging in Modern American Culture as well as such notable essays as “Queer Nationality” (with Lauren Berlant) and “Monsters, Inc: Notes on the Neoliberal Arts Education.” Her current project concerns queer temporalities.

Ellen Schrecker, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, is the author of No Ivory Tower: McCarthyism and the Universities and editor (with Craig Kaplan) of Regulating the Intellectuals: Perspectives on Academic Freedom in the 1980s, among other books. Her recent articles address such issues as “Academic Freedom in the Age of Casualization,” national security as a pretext for repression, “Higher Education in the World of Bush and Cheney,” and “The New McCarthyism in Academe.”

Sponsored by the Department of English, University of Florida. All events are free and open to the public.