Rethinking Race and Domesticity(Click on image to view a full-size version of the poster, approx. 1.5 MB)

“Rethinking Race & Domesticity in American Culture”

a conference at the University of Florida
February 10, 2006
219 Dauer Hall (Ruth McQuown Room)

10:00 AM. Paula Bernat Bennett (Professor Emerita, Southern Illinois University). “Lydia Sigourney’s Protest Poetry and the Aesthetics of Domesticity”

1:30 PM. Karen Sanchez-Eppler (Professor of American Studies & English, Amherst College). “The China Trade and the Foreign Mission School: Hu Shou’s 1824 Friendship Album”

3:30 PM. Deborah McDowell (Alice Griffin Professor of English, University of Virginia). “‘Without the Consolation of Tears’: On Race and Emotion in Richard Wright”

About the speakers

Paula Bernat Bennett is author of My Life a Loaded Gun: Dickinson, Plath, Rich, and Female Creativity (1986, 1990), Emily Dickinson: Woman Poet (1990, 1991), and Poets in the Public Sphere: The Emancipatory Project of American Women’s Poetry, 1800–1900 (2003). She is editor of Solitary Pleasures: The Historical, Literary, and Artistic Discourses of Autoeroticism (1995), Nineteenth-Century American Women Poets: An Anthology (1997), and Palace-Burner: The Selected Poetry of Sarah Piatt (2001). Her essays have appeared in numerous journals, including American Literary History, The Emily Dickinson Journal, Legacy, PMLA, and Signs. Collections that contain her work include Lesbian Studies, Women’s Re-Visions of Shakespeare, Lesbian Texts and Contexts: Radical Revisions, Approaches to Teaching Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, Sexual Practice, Textual Theory: Lesbian Cultural Criticism, and Gay and Lesbian Studies in Literature: Professions of Desire.

Karen Sanchez-Eppler is author of Dependent States: The Child’s Part in Nineteenth-Century American Culture (2005) and Touching Liberty: Abolition, Feminism and the Politics of the Body (1993 & 1997). She has published in American Literary History, American Quarterly, English Literary History, Nineteenth Century Literature, and other journals. Her work has also appeared in the collections Hannah Crafts: The Bondwoman’s Narrative Critical Essay Collection, Cambridge Companion to Nathaniel Hawthorne, The American Child: A Cultural Studies Reader, Language as Object: Emily Dickinson and the Visual Arts, and The Culture of Sentiment: Race, Gender and Sentimentality in Nineteenth-Century America.

Deborah McDowell is author of Leaving Pipe Shop: Memories of Kin (1996) and “The Changing Same”: Black Women’s Literature, Criticism, and Theory (1994, 1995). She is editor of Slavery and the Literary Imagination (1988), Emma Dunham Kelley’s Four Girls at Cottage City (1988), Nella Larsen’s Quicksand and Passing (1986), and Jessie Fauset’s Plum Bun (1985). Her essays have appeared in Black American Literature Forum, Studies in Historical Change, and other journals. Collections that contain her work include African American Literary Theory: A Reader, Recovering the Black Female Body: Self-Representations by African American Women, Feminism beside Itself, The Furious Flowering of African American Poetry, Feminisms: an Anthology of Literary Theory and Criticism, Race and The Subject of Masculinities, and Critical Essays on Frederick Douglas.

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