Counter-Cultures Poster

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Dissent, Radicalism & Community in American Life”

a conference at the University of Florida
February 26–28, 2004

Utopians, abolitionists, suffragists, prohibitionists, anarchists, socialists, populists, bohemians, free love advocates, Millerites, Garveyites, members of the Popular Front, Beats, radical environmentalists, queer communities, globalization protesters – do you know that America?

In a climate marked by increasingly ominous calls for ‘national unity,’ restrictions of free debate, and assaults on every form of departure from a narrowly defined mainstream, this conference aims to explore U.S. “counter cultures” – the diverse traditions of radicalism and dissent and the rich variety of “alternative” and “oppositional” forms of community so vital to American life, from the early Republic to the present day.

February 26.

N.B.: Rachel Blau DuPlessis’s lecture, originally scheduled for February 26, has been cancelled.

February 27.

Michael Warner (Rutgers University). “Alternative Counter Mainstream.” 10 AM. Ruth McQuown Room (Dauer Hall 219).

Julia Mickenberg (University of Texas, Austin). “Creating the Counterculture: Children’s Literature and the Left.” 1:30 PM. Ruth McQuown Room (Dauer Hall 219).

Michael Denning (Yale University). “The Rhetoric of Class in the Era of Globalization.” 3:30 PM. Ruth McQuown Room (Dauer Hall 219).

February 28.

Informal roundtable discussion with conference speakers. 10 AM. Keene Faculty Center (Dauer Hall).

Sponsored by the Department of English, University of Florida. All events are free and open to the public.