Undergraduate Courses, Summer 2015

Times and locations of class meetings are subject to change. Consult the UF Schedule of Courses for official class times and locations and an explanation of the class period abbreviations.

Non-Repeatable Courses

Students may not repeat for credit courses that are not listed as repeatable in the Undergraduate Catalog. If you register for non-repeatable courses that you have previously taken, you will earn no credit for those courses and they will not count toward fulfillment of degree requirements.

While some upper-division courses taught by the Department of English are repeatable for credit, many are not. You are responsible for knowing which courses may, and which courses may not, be repeated. You should, therefore, consult the Undergraduate Catalog in order to confirm that courses for which you wish to register more than once are, in fact, repeatable for credit.

Upper Division (3000–4000) Courses, Summer Sessions A & B

Note: Course numbers listed in the table below are linked to course descriptions. Descriptions will open in a new web page in this window. Use your browser’s “back” function to return to this page.

Summer A
Course no.SectionTime(s)RoomCourse titleInstructor
moreAML 4242 01G8 M T W R F 4 TUR 2306 Queer Performances Grant
moreENC 3312 02A2 M T W R F 3 TUR B310 Advanced Argumentative Writing Dobrin
moreENG 1131 01G9 M T W R F 3, T R 6-7 WEIL 0408A Remix and Remediation: The Art of Form and Style Butts
moreENL 3251 02A3 M T W R F 5 TUR 1315 Victoria’s Secret: Sexuality and Society in Victorian Literature Walther
moreENL 4333 02A4 M T W R F 2 TUR 2334 Shakespeare—Learning by Doing Homan
Summer B
Course no.SectionTime(s)RoomCourse titleInstructor
moreAML 3041 4D76 M T W R F 2 AND 0013 American Literature 2: Dramatic Discourse on the American Scene Worthen
moreENC 3310 4F72 M T W R F 6 TUR B310 Advanced Exposition Bohunicky
moreENL 4273 41F7 M T W R F 3 AND 0034 Twentieth-Century British Literature: One Hundred Years of Transformation Caloiaro
moreLIT 4333 4F76 M T W R F 5 TUR 1315 Literature for Adolescents Ulanowicz