Undergraduate Courses, Fall 2011

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Lower Division (1000–2000) Special Content Courses

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Fall 2011, Lower Division, Special Content

ENC 1145

Writing about the Body
Andrew Wilson

In this course, we will discuss a range of issues pertaining to the politics of the body. We will examine how our definitions of “the body” reflect complex questions about our relationships with each other and with ourselves. In addition, through analyses of literary and critical works, students will explore and refine their critical and academic writing skills. Above all, through its consideration of the subject matter and its attention to writing, this course will help students develop the ability to make thoughtful inquires of their own.

This course is designed to provide 6000 words toward the meeting of the Writing Requirement. Writing assignments will include one 2500 word research paper and several shorter-length (750 word) close-reading essays. Work toward the research paper will include several independent assignments (an annotated bibliography, a research proposal, etc.) designed to help students successfully complete this final project.