Graduate Courses, Summer 2010

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Summer Session B

Course no. Time(s) Course title Instructor
downENG 6016 TR 5-6 Philip Roth & Psychoanalysis Rudnytsky

ENG 6016

Philip Roth & Psychoanalysis

Peter Rudnytsky

Using primarily the lens of self psychology, this course will approach selected texts of Philip Roth from a clinically informed psychoanalytic perspective and take up the by no means outdated question of the relations between an author’s life and his creative work. After beginning with Kafka’s Letter to His Father along with “Metamorphosis” and “The Judgment,” we will turn to Roth and read in sequence: The Facts, Portnoy’s Complaint, My Life as a Man, The Counterlife, Operation Shylock, and Sabbath’s Theater. Insight into the biographical roots of Roth’s creativity will be gleaned from writings by Roth’s analyst, Hans J. Kleinschmidt, as well as his lover, Janet Hobhouse, and his ex-second wife, Claire Bloom. Scholarly and clinical psychoanalytic contributions by Esther Rashkin, Jeffrey Berman, Heinz Kohut, Arnold M. Cooper, Andrew P. Morrison, Judith Guss Teicholz, and the instructor will inform our discussions. The requirements are a one-page response paper to demonstrate proficiency in writing to be followed by an extended essay aimed at publication in a journal such as Philip Roth Studies. Regular attendance and active participation in class discussions are also expected.