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Comics Scholars' Discussion List
Directory of Comics Scholars: A-E

This directory contains the responses to the New Subscriber Questionnaire for the Comics Scholars Discussion List. Entries may be found under each scholar's surname; please browse the sub-lists below. The complete list of names may be found at the Directory Main Page. Note that not everyone listed here may be currently a member of the discussion list, due to periodic un-subscribing. The date an entry was submitted or revised is found at the end of each entry.

If there are any questions, or if you would like to revise your entry, please contact Leonard Rifas

List of Names A-E

Abella, Olga

Albray, Patrick

Ault, Donald D.

Baeza, Rodrigo

Bails, Jerry G.

Beasecker, Robert

Baeza, Rodrigo

Bebergal, Peter

Beerbohm, Robert

Bell, John

Bergson, Steven M.

Berona, David A.

Bill, Ken

Blomquist, Troy

Bolhafner, J. Stephen (Steve)

Bottorff, Ray, Jr

Boyd, Robert W.

Brooker, Will

Brooks, Brad!

Buckley, John F.

Carpenter, Stanford W.

Castelli, Alfredo

Chandna, Mohit

Chary, Mike

Cheesman, Simon

Chulia, Juan Vicente

Cohn, Neil

Coogan, Peter

Couch, N.C. Christopher

Coville, Jamie

Cusimano, Michael William

Dalkin, Ian

Davis, Hugh H.

Davis, Louise Freeman

Dean, Michael

De Laplante, Kevin L.

de Syon, Guillaume

de Vos, Gail

De Vries, Kim

de Vries, Rudi

Denfeld, Zackery 

Erkiaga, Luis Saenz de Viguera

Evry, Ron

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Abella, Olga

English Dept., Eastern Illinois Univ., Charleston, IL 61920 USA -- -- 217-581-6297


Conference Papers--About Comics:

·         "Catwoman vs. Hothead Paisan: Heroes in a Man's World?"

·         "Comic Books: Visions of Utopias?"

·         "The Spectre: A Deconstruction of Male Heroism?"

·         "Batman's Perversity: Heroism as Self-involvement"

·         "The Spectre: An Inward Quest Toward Heroism"

·         "The Stereotyping of Women and Men in Comics"

·         "Batman's Perversity: Sadism, Masochism, or Just Plain American Do-Goodism?"

·         "Comic Books: Women, Abuse, and Pornography"

·         "Omaha the Cat Dancer: A Comic Book Beast Fable"

·         "Comics: Religion, Myth and Fable"

·         "Women and Men in Tales of Terror: Exaggerated Stereotypes"

Teaching--Non-Comics: Composition, Renaissance, Milton, Backgrounds of Western Lit


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise): Currently working on a paper about the movie Tank Girl and the use of comics in it.


12 February 1998

Albray, Patrick

Belgium -- --


Publications--About Comics:

·         NB: I use the generic word "comics" in the meaning of "graphic novels", that are much more popular in Europe than american comics. Everything is in French.

·         From 1972 to 1979: Editor of the comics fanzine Skblllz. Articles and critics in various fanzines (BD 70, Vitriol).

·         From 1980 to 1984: Dessine-moi un mouton, first radio broadcast dedicated to comics in Belgium (two weekly hours). Some short publications in Dimanche Presse.

·         1983: Critics in Impressions, daily newspaper published by Brussel's book Fair.

·         1982: "Le Petit Prince rencontre la jeune generation", exhibition dedicated to new talents (Schuiten, Renard, Sokal, Berthet, Foerster, Tome et Janry, Frederic Jannin, Hislaire, Servais). Article about Hergé in (A suivre). Publisher of a serie of ten audio cassettes in tribute to Hergé for his 75th birthday : "Hergé, miroir du XXe siecle".

·         1985 - 1987: "Passeport pour le Reve", weekly broadcast about books. ÒClap BDÓ, daily radio critics about comics. Publications in "Les Cahiers de la Bande dessinée.

·         1986: Production of a special TV broadcats "Carrefours" (RTBF) dedicated to the "Prix Saint Michel de la bande dessinée", animated by G.Pradez.

·         1986-1993: Publications in Spirou and Le Journal de Gaston (Special issue of Spirou dedicated to Gaston Lagaffe for his 30th birthday).

·         1988 to 1992: "Bouquin, Bouquine", daily radio critics about books.

·         1993 - 1996: "Funnythéque", daily radio critics and interviews about comics.

·         1996: "Centenaire de la BD". Internet site dedicated to comics' History. URL:

·         From December 1996 Univers BD. Monthly E-zine dedicated to comics: books, news, interviews, games and quizz, etc. URL:

Other publications:  

Free-lance journalist in two weekly belgian magazines: "Le Ligueur" and "Coup d'Oeil". Some Psychology scientific publications at the beginning of the eighties.


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

COMICS: Hergé and Tintin, Franquin; OTHER: Multimedia


Other Comments:  

I'm not an educator but a journalist, but I will be interested by your discussions.


26 November 1997

Ault, Donald D.

Department of English, University of Florida --

For full CV, click here



Single-Authored Books:
Visionary Physics: Blake's Response to Newton. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 1974. Reissued as a Midway Paperback, 1975. xvi + 230 pp.
Narrative Unbound: Re-Visioning William Blake's The Four Zoas. Barrytown, NY: Station Hill Press, 1987. xxvi + 518 pp.

Books Co-edited:
Critical Paths: Blake and the Argument of Method. Co-edited with Mark Bracher and Dan Miller. Durham, NC.: Duke University Press, 1987. 382 pp.

Book Reprints::
Visionary Physics: Blake's Response to Newton. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 1974. Reissued as a Midway Reprint, 1975. xvi + 230 pp. Three successive editions.

Essays in Refereed Journals and Books:
"Librorum Comicorum Explicatio." Occident 1 (2nd Series) (1973): 84-88.
"Comic Art and How to Read It." California Monthly 86, No. 4 (1976): 13-14.
"Incommensurability and Interconnection in Blake's Anti-Newtonian Text." Studies in Romanticism, 16, No. 3 (1977): 277-303.
"Blake and Newton." In Epochen der Naturmystik: Hermetische Tradition im Wissenschaftlichen Fortschritt, ed. Antoine Faivre and Rolf K. Zimmerman. Berlin: Erich Schmidt Verlag, 1979: 277-303.
"The Tuber Viewed: Reflections on the Ontology of Tele-Leisure." With Will Tomlinson. The Tuber's Voice, 1, No. 2 (1982): 8.
"In Perilous Paths." The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Vol. 8. Scottsdale, AZ: Another Rainbow Publishing, 1983: 733-741.
"An Essential Detour." The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Vol 1. Scottsdale, AZ: Another Rainbow Publishing, 1984: 379-384, 418.
"The Mental Travellers." The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Vol. 3. Scottsdale, AZ: Another Rainbow Publishing, 1984.
"Educating the Imagination." The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Vol. 9. Scottsdale, AZ: Another Rainbow Publishing, 1985: 251-252, 409-410, 443.
"Introduction." The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Vol 4. Scottsdale, AZ: Another Rainbow Publishing, 1985: 7-8.
"Re-Visioning The Four Zoas." In Unnam'd Forms: Blake and Textuality. Ed. Nelson Hilton and Thomas Vogler. Berkeley, Los Angeles and London: Univ. of California Press, 1986: 105-39.
"Introduction." The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Vol. 2. Scottsdale, AZ: Another Rainbow Publishing, 1986: 5-6.
"Luck's Labor's Lost." The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Vol. 2. Scottsdale, AZ: 1986: 525-28, 640.
"Blake's De-formation of Neo-Aristotelianism." In Critical Paths: Blake and the Argument of Method. Ed. Dan Miller, Mark Bracher, and Donald Ault. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1987: 111-138.
"Comic Karma." The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Vol. 7. Scottsdale, AZ: Another Rainbow Publications, 1988: 89-90, 151-152.
"Uncle Scrooge in the Global Village." The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Vol. 5. Prescott, AZ: Another Rainbow Publishing, 1989: 185-186, 224-226.
"Un-Reading 'London.'" Approaches to Teaching Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience. Ed.
Robert F. Gleckner and Mark Greenberg. New York, NY: Modern Language Association of America, 1989: 132-136.
"Where's Poppa: Or the Defeminization of Blake's 'Little Black Boy.'" Out of Bounds: Male Writers and Gender(ed) Criticism. Amherst, MA: Univ. of Massachusetts Press, 1990: 126-153.
"Introduction." The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Vol. 6. Prescott AZ: Another Rainbow Publications, 1990: 7-8.
"Visual Narrative in 'Vacation Time.'" The Carl Barks Library of Walt Disney's Donald Duck, Vol. 6. Prescott, AZ: Another Rainbow Publications, 1990: 765-768.
"Foreword." Coleridge's "Ancient Mariner": An Experimental Edition of Texts and Revisions, 1798-1828. Ed. Martin Wallen. Barrytown, N.Y.: Station Hill Press, 1993: vii-xv.
"Notes Toward and Aesthetics of Underground Comics," What's Up Underground Catalogue (1996)
"'Cutting Up' Again: Lacan on Barks on Lacan." Indy 17 (1997):30-33.

Nancy Bogen, ed. William Blake: The Book of Thel: A Facsimile and a Critical Text. Providence, RI and New York, NY: Brown Univ. Press and the New York Public Library, 1971. In Modern Philology, 71 (1973): 218-21.
D. G. Gillham. William Blake. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1973. In Philological Quarterly, "The Eighteenth Century: A Current Bibliography," 53 (1974): 647-649.
Thomas R. Frosch. The Awakening of Albion: The Renovation of the Body in the Poetry of William Blake. Cornell Univ. Press, 1974. In MOdern Philology, 72 (1975-76): 428-431.
Bryan Wilkie and Mary Lynn Johnson. Blake's Four Zoas: The Design of a Dream. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Univ. Press, 1978. In Eighteenth-Century Studies, 13 (1980): 352-356.
Nelson Hilton. Literal Imagination: Blake's Vision of Words. Berkeley and Los Angeles: Univ. of California Press, 1984. In The Wordsworth Circle (1984): 163-165.
Peter Otto, Constructive Vision and Visionary Deconstruction (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1991. In The Wordsworth Circle (1993): 24, 4: 212-15.
Vincent De Luca, Words of Eternity (Princeton University Press, 1991) and Peter Otto, Constructive Vision and Visionary Deconstruction. In Modern Philology ((1994): 9: 526-34.
Laura Claridge. Romantic Potency (Cornell University Press, 1992). In The Keats-Shelley Journal (1993): 42: 215-17.

4 December 1999

Baeza, Rodrigo

P.O. Box 16006, Santiago 9, Chile --


Publications--About Comics: Only comics-related articles and reviews for university periodicals


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise): Member of the Grand Comics Database project. Even though I'm interested in comics criticism and analysis, my main interest would have to be comics history (including U.S.A, European, and South American comics).


27 November 1997

Bails, Jerry G., B.S., M.S.,Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Science & Technology

21221 Thiele Ct., St. Clair Shores, MI 48081 -- -- URL:

Publications--About Comics:

·         The Who's Who of American Comic Books, 1st edition, 4 vol. published about 20 years ago. (1973-76)

·         The Collector's Guide: The First Heroic Age (1969) Howard Keltner's Index to Golden Age Comic Books (1976) Alter-Ego #1-4 (1961)

·         Comicollector #1-12 (1961)

·         The Comic Reader (1961)

·         The Authoritative Index to DC Comics (c1962)

·         Numerous articles in fan magazines

·         Introduction to All-Star Comics Archives #2


Coming Clean: The Impact on the Biosphere of Technologies of Domination; other texts in science; Television series on Evolution: Changing Life on Earth


Conference Papers--Non-Comics-Related:  

Various in science and technology



I retired in 1996 after 36 years of teaching Science & Technology at Wayne State University's Interdisciplinary Studies Program.


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):

1.      Making the 2nd edition of The Who's Who of American Comic Books available on my Web site

2.      A participant in the Grand Comics Database, a collective dedicated to indexing all comic books

3.      Continued research into the impact of technology on society

Other Comments:  

My interests are primarily in identifying all art & writing in comic books.


6 October 1998

Beasecker, Robert

University Library, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan 49401 USA



Michigan in the Novel, 1816-1996: An Annotated Bibliography. Detroit: Wayne State Univ Press, 1998


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

Krazy Kat; Carl Barks (writer/illustrator for Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comic books, 1940s to 1970s)


6 October 1998

Bebergal, Peter

Cambridge, MA --


Publications--About Comics: Comics editor @


Publications--Other: Mostly web stuff; Salon, Ctheory, Tattoo Jew, Suck


Conference Papers--About Comics: AAR and NEPCA


Other Comments: I am rejoining this list after a long absence... hello again...


30 January 2000

Beerbohm, Robert

PO Box 507 Fremont NE 68026-0507;; List
Phone/Fax: 402 727 4071

Publications--About Comics:

A partial list

Robert Overstreet. I am listed in the acknowledgement credits for index data submission in #11 thru #19 and then again from #27 to present. This is still the most in-depth reference book on the subject.

OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #27 (1997, Gemstone Publishing , Maryland), "The American Comic Book 1897-1932. the Beginning: The Platinum Age" pages 1-15 which is an origin of American comics centering on Popular Story Weeklies, Dime Novels, Pulps, Pulitzer, Hearst, Bennett and how the American Comic Strip and Comic Book
evolved from other media.  Numerous examples cited from primary research.

OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #29, (1999, Gemstone Publishing, Maryland) with Richard D. Olson, PhD,  "The American Comic Book: 1897-1932. In The Beginning: The Platinum Age" expands from the previous 1997 article mentioning the earliest known American comic book, The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck  by Rudolph Töpffer, Sept 1842 plus many direct amazing Palmer Cox/Richard Outcault connections as well as other expansions from my 1997 article.

OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #29 (1999, Gemstone Publishing, Maryland) with Richard D. Olson. PhD, "The American Comic Book: 1933-Present.  The Golden Age and Beyond: The Origin of The Modern Comic Book: pages 226-233 providing "new" information not previously in any other history tome on the subject.

OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #30 (2000, Gemstone Publishing, Maryland) with Richard Olson, PhD, "The American Comic Book: 1842-1933: Beyond the Platinum Age" provides further details of American comic books dating back to 1842 as well as many significant rediscoveries during the past year of heretofore unknown comic strip
compilations dating before World War One along with "The American Comic Book: "1933-Present The Golden Age And Beyond: Origins of the Modern Comic Book" co-written with Richard Olson PhD  Published March 2000.

OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #31 (2001, Gemstone) section now 32 pages
OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #32 (2002, Gemstone) section now 51 pages
OVERSTREET COMIC BOOK PRICE GUIDE #33 (2003, Gemstone) section now 62 pages

THE BIG LITTLE BOOK PRICE GUIDE by Larry Lowrey; 1981; the most complete reference book on the old Big Little's of yesteryear 1928-1960; I sold Larry his first BLB's Christmas 1972 which got him back into collecting.  I also helped fact check portions of his original mss.  My understanding is his 2nd edition is finally coming out soon - one can only hope - still the best guide to this format.

THE UNDERGROUND AND NEW WAVE COMIX PRICE GUIDE by Jay Kennedy; Crown Books (1981); again, the most complete index reference guide to the many myriad printings of the underground and alternative comic books
that basically started with
Robert Crumb's ZAP COMICS. I am listed in the book's acknowledgement page having supplied many pieces of data.

THE UNDERGROUND COMIX FAMILY ALBUM Photographs by Clay Geerdes, annotated by Malcolm Whyte.  (1998, WordPlay, San Francisco), photo page 82 - I was one of the organizing hosts for the world's first alternative independent comix convention centered on royalty-paying, creator-owned comix held in the Pauley Ballroom of the ASUC Building, UC-Berkeley, California campus, April, 1973.  First "comics as culture" event in the San Francisco Bay Area.

BERKELEY CON 1973 program book; Rick Griffin cover; first creator-owned oriented comics convention ever held as well as the first Comicon ever held in the Bay Area.  Virtually every alternative comix creator & publisher attended this ground-breaking event on the UC Berkeley campus. Virtually every underground comix creator showed up. Prof. Don Ault also gave a wonderful talk on early Carl Barks.

MUCH ADO OVER NOTHING by Mark Burnstein; Eclipse Books (1987); This is a trivia book centered on the famous newspaper comic strip, Pogo, by the late Walt Kelley.  I sold Mark his first Pogo material, helped him out a lot on aspects of the book and am one of two Pogo fans mentioned by name inside (Steve Thompson being the other). I identified four distinctly different "first" printings of the first Pogo book and which one is the "true" first printing.  Pogo remains one of my favorite strips of all time.

NEMO, the classic comics library #2; edited by Richard Marschall; Fantagraphics Books, Inc (1983); I engineered and paid all the expenses on the last in-depth interview ever conducted with Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, the creators of Superman.  I also set up the reprinting of The Superman story from Science Fiction #3 1999. The piece says "special thanks to Bob Beerbohm".  Late delivery to my distribution company Common Ground for that week's new comics shipment due to a mud-slide outside
Los Angeles in the mountains near the Grapevine I-5 burying the truck with all the comics for northern
California precluded my  pre-planned attendance at that historic interview.

THE PHOTO JOURNAL GUIDE TO COMIC BOOKS by Ernie Gerber; 1985; see credits in Volume One;  A two volume set  printing 22,000 covers of most of the major comics from the 1930s through the 1960s.  Much of my collection was photographed along with input of data

COMICS VALUE MONTHLY: Superman Memorial Issue; Attic Books (1992) Special in-depth issue listing every Superman piece of memorabilia ever made from 1938 on up along with a suggested value.  I was asked to be the main pricing consultant; also fact checked mss.

BATMAN AND ME By Bob Kane with Tom Andrae (1989, Eclipse)  an autobiography by Bob Kane; I am mentioned in the credits as helping out with this book.  Biographical/historical research is my first love.

SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 25th Anniversary Program book , page 79 (1994); "Comic-Con Reminiscences" wherein  I give a couple memories of the first time the Comicon was held at the legendary El Cortez Hotel back in 1972 when most of the dealers were still collectors.  Have been to every San Diego Comicon since the first one except 1998 when I was a guest of Lucca

FANZATION #1-5 (1969-70) my self-published dittoed comics history fanzine with contributions from Jerry Bails, Steve Ditko, Reed Crandall, Bob Weinberg, Ted White, Jack Promo, Bill Wallace,  Scott Stewart, Steve Johnson, Deryl Skelton & others; mainly an article zine with a couple amateur strips.  Copies housed with Michigan State University Special Collections.

THE WORLD OF FANZINES by Fredric Wertham MD (1974).  My fanzine Fanzation is directly referenced at least 9 times - only 2 of which made it into his woefully incomplete index and of these references, one is to a wrong page.  This author of Seduction of the Innocent had a subscription and we conversed on the phone as well as exchanged numerous letters until he died.

THE GOLDEN AGE OF COMICS FANDOM by Bill Schelly (1998, revised); A superb history of how comics fandom circa 1961-1973 grew and who was involved with the early battles to preserve this great art form. I supplied numerous data items including the data & visual aid concerning the first comics fanzine PHANTASY WORLD by David Kyle (1936-37).

COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE July 1996 Gemstone Publishing, "The First Superman Cover," detailing my efforts at saving, restoration & preservation of Joe Shuster's original 1933 cover for Humor Publishing Company in 1971 which languished lost for decades till I had it published for the first time.

COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #46  April 1997 Gemstone Publishing "The Atomic Genre" detailing perceptions and depictions of atomic energy and atomic bomb explosions in American comic books 1939-1960s with a lot of depth in the few years right after World War Two and then again when the first H-Bomb was exploded in 1953.

COMIC BOOK MARKETPLACE #50 August, 1997 Gemstone Publishing, "The Big Bang Theory of Comic Book History," pages 50-60, a 12,000 word look at Hugo Gernsback's enormous influence on Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster, Julius Schwartz and Mort Weisinger and the origins of Superman when the boys were still teenagers.

Robbins, (1998, Chronicle Books) provided requested data and charts on the comics business dating back into the 1940s.

THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR #25, August, 1999, "The Mainline Comics Story: An Initial Examination" pages 86-95 looking at how Joe Simon and Jack Kirby went into self-publishing their own comic books in 1954, just in time for the market crash then which wiped them out. The collapse of Leader News due to backlash against EC comics brought them down.

COMIC BOOK ARTIST #6, Fall, 1999, "Secret Origins of the Direct Market. Part One: 'Affidavit Returns' - The Scourge of Distribution" which begins a series of essays on how distribution of comic books evolved in America beginning in the 1920s through the 1980s excerpted out of a history book I have been working on for a few years now.

COMIC BOOK ARTIST #7, Winter, 1999, Part Two of "Secret Origins of the Direct Market" picks up from CBA #6. Parts One and two total 25,000 words. Part Three will be completed one of these days.

COMICS BUYER'S GUIDE  #1147, November, 1995 with a very long piece from me explaining statistics from Newsdealer magazine that started in 1946 with a multitude of articles from (then) industry notables on how to sell more comics,  who bought them and why.

COMICS  BUYER'S GUIDE  #1029, August, 1993  contains the earliest incarnations of my "History of the Direct Sales Market" as dubbed by Don Thompson - took up the entire letters section. Became the basis for the first research of a book.

9e ART #6, January, 2001, "Töpffer in America" co-written with Doug Wheeler,  published by the Musée de la Bande Dessinée, Angoulême, France) about pre-Yellow Kid comic strips and books origins coming from Europe beginning with The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck" in 1842.

THE ADVENTURES OF OBADIAH OLDBUCK: THE FIRST AMERICAN COMIC BOOK edited Alfredo Castelli. I wrote the introduction documenting how I rediscovered my first copy of this comic book and what I did with it afterwards; Napoli Comicon, Italy, March 2003. (English-Italian bilingual edition completely reprinting the 1842 American Obadiah Oldbuck first printing. Also has a Martin Mystère story and a reprint of the New York World Sunday supplement for May 5, 1895, with the first appearance of the Yellow Kid)

COMIC ART #1 Fall 2002, "The Illustrated Books of Frank King," a loving 11 page look at the Reilly & Lee SKEEZIX illustrated book series issued at Christmas time 1924 1925 1926 1928 plus further Gasoline Alley items from 1929-1933. This was all new art created for these books. King's SKEEZIX OUT WEST contains hundreds of beautiful drawings and is one of my favorite books.


THE ART OF ROCK by Paul Grushkin (Tiny Folio format); Abbeyville Press (1993); special book picturing 300 of the best Rock & Roll concert posters ever done.  I helped pick them out, listed in the credits thusly.

CHEROKEE MIST: The Lost Writings of Jimi Hendrix by Bill Nitopi; HarperCollins (1993). I am listed in the credits supplying original hand written Hendrix letters from my collection. Spent many an hour talking with Nitopi as the book developed and the hunt was on tracking down originals.

ROLLING STONE, November 14, 1991; page 110, third column; I was asked by one of the judges to comment on George Hunter' wonderful IT'S A BEAUTIFUL DAY album cover from 1969 as part of their "100 Best Album covers of all time" article.  The comix and poster artists overlapped a lot back then.

OFF THE WALL #8, Sept, 1994.  Published by Wes Wilson; devoted to the concert posters of the late 1960s. There is a special box this issue commenting on the work I did helping make this issue come together. I personally paid for the printing for #1 back when I had spare dollars. The copies were handed out for free during the grand opening of my Rick Griffin art gallery in The Cannery, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, June, 1991.

Teaching--Comics Related:

Something I do almost every day of the week for more than 30 years - inside my Bay Area stores from 1972 thru 1994, now on the net, at shows, catalogs and phone; graduated PhD from The School of Hard Knocks, I have bought and sold millions of comic books and related items. After awhile the giant jigsaw puzzle comes coherently together.

Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):

Short Term

COMIC ART #3 (May 2003) Töpffer in America by
Robert Beerbohm, Doug Wheeler and Leonardo De Sá,.(updated and revised article from the first version in the magazine 9e ART #6, January 2001,. Also contains an in-depth look at almost every English language comics history book while we dissemble The Yellow Kid Myth and who mentioned Töpffer and who did not beginning as far back as 1865. The mission is to firmly re-establish Töpffer's rightful place in America's comics pantheon.

ALTER EGO #26 (July 2003) with an 18,000 word interview with Irwin Donenfeld, whose father Harry Donenfeld owned DC comics. Irwin ran the company from 1953 until 1968, when it was merged with Kinney Corporation. Debuts San Diego Comicon.

Long Term

COMIC BOOK STORE WARS: working title to a 700+ page work-in-progress 160+ year history book on the "business" of comics along with sociological impact of this great art form permeating American society for a long time - comics are a way of life. Have assembled a great deal of research now.

Other Comments:

SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT:  Berkeley, California, Superior Court, 1973. Thirty years ago I was the first person in the state of California court system declared an "expert of the court" in comic books by an Alameda County Superior Court Judge with a clear mandate to render "expert" testimony on all things comics.  This was involving a $25,000 felony burglary case wherein I was grilled for over 6 hours by the prosecutor, the defense attorney, members of the jury and finally the judge himself fielding innumerable questions. I was a witness for the victim and prosecution. The concept which was initially raised was whether or not EC comic books were worth 10 cents or had tangible value over cover price. After awhile it became a nostalgia fest when the judge next door got done with his cases and joined in the questioning. I have since appeared as an expert witness in various insurance loss cases.

27 April 2003

Bell, John

Box 67043 Westboro RPO, 340 Richmond Rd., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2A 4E4

Publications & Exhibitions -- About Comics:


Guardians of the North: The National Superhero in Canadian Comic-Book Art. Ottawa: National Archives of Canada, 1992.

Protecteurs du Nord: Le superhéros national dans la bande dessinée canadienne. Ottawa: Archives nationales du Canada, 1992.

Main author, Canuck Comics: A Guide to Comic Books Published in Canada. Montreal: Matrix Books, 1986.


"Comic Books in English Canada," The Canadian Encyclopedia 2001. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 2000 [revised and updated essay].

"Comic Books in English Canada," The Canadian Encyclopedia Plus. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1995 [reprinted annually in all subsequent editions, 1996-1999].

"Foreword," Northguard; Book One -- Manifest Destiny. Westland, MI: Caliber Press, 1990.



Co-author (with Michel Viau), Beyond the Funnies: The History of Comics in English Canada and Quebec (National Library of Canada, 2002) [].

Guardians of the North: The National Superhero in Canadian Comic-Book Art (National Library of Canada, 2001) [].


"Kipling in U.S. Comic Books," Kipling Journal 66, no. 264 (Dec. 1992).

"A New Day Dawning: An Interview with Dan Day," The Comics Journal no. 111 (Sep. 1986).

"Gene Day," Locus 15, no. 12 (Dec. 1982).


Comics F/X, no. 9 (Jun. 1989).

It’s a Fanzine, no. 41 (Spring 1989).


Contested Graphics: Comic Books in English Canada, 1941-200 (Ottawa: National Library, 2000).

Guardians of the North: The National Superhero in Canadian Comic-Book Art /Protecteurs du Nord: Le superhéros national dans la bande dessinée canadienne (Ottawa: Canadian Museum of Caricature, 1992).


Text: Superheroes/Superhéros postage stamps booklet (Canada Post, 1995).

Text and image selection: Guardians of the North/Protecteurs du Nord trading cards (Ottawa: Canadian Museum of Caricature, 1992).


Script and art: Loup-Garou. Ottawa: Dead Centre Graphics, 1988.

Script: "Captain Canduck: The Towering Imbroglio," Orion no. 2 (1982).


Published widely in the fields of Canadian popular culture and Atlantic Canadian literary history. Other book publications include Confederate Seadog: John Taylor Wood in War and Exile (Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 2002), The Far North and Beyond: An Index to Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy in Genre Magazines and Other Selected Periodicals of the Pulp Era, 1896-1955 (Halifax, NS & London, England: Dalhousie University School of Library and Information Studies/Vine Press, 1998), (editor) The Grand-Slam Book of Canadian Baseball Writing (Lawrencetown, NS: Pottersfield Press, 1993), and (editor) Halifax: A Literary Portrait (Porters Lake, NS: Pottersfield Press, 1990). Also contributed to numerous periodicals, including Science-Fiction Studies, Books in Canada, Arts Atlantic, The Literary Review of Canada, Canadian Children’s Literature, Black American Literature Forum, Archivaria, Quarry, This Magazine, The Pulp Collector, and Northern Mariner.

Papers--About Comics:

"Beyond the Funnies: The History of Comics in English Canada and Quebec," Savoir Faire lecture series, National Library of Canada (Sep. 2002).

Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):

Currently completing work on a book that will combine a history of English Canadian comics with a comprehensive listing of comic books published in English Canada from 1941 to 1988.

25 October 2002

Bergson, Steven M.

4600 Bathurst Street, 4th Floor North, York, Ontario, CANADA M2R 3V3 ;



Publications--About Comics:  

Deadly laughter and jokes from heaven; an analysis of the Joker (Batman comics) and Rabbi Teitelman (Outside chance of Maximillian Glick) as fool figures" (unpublished, 1991), "Librarians in Comics: Sources" (may be published in 2000 in George Eberhart's _Whole Library Handbook_, 3rd ed., "Jews in Comics" (only published online at ), "Warten auf ,,SuperJew" ", _Allegemeine Jüdische Wochenzeitung_ 7 August 1997 (rough English translation online at, Maus bibliography (only published online at



Review of _Keys to the Garden: New Israeli Writing_ in _Counterpoise_ 1(1) 1997, Review of _Day After Trinity_ CD-ROM in _New Media Canada 12(5) 1997, Review of _The Nazis: A Warning from History_ (submitted to _Counterpoise_ 1998), Review of _Jewish Heroes and Heroines of America_ (only published online at


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

updating my 3 bibliographies. I had once started work on a bibliography of all articles about comics or a particular comic published in the academic and popular presses, but was overwhelmed and have since given it up (but I still have notes for it). I may publish it online someday (maybe after I retire?)


Other Comments:  

I also am available for answering queries via chat rooms and MOOs (sometimes), e-mail, phone, snail mail or in person.


11 August 1998

Berona, David A.

For current information, please visit David Berona's web site.


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

I am researching the history of woodcut novels, referred to by Scott McCloud as "missing links" in the development of comics. I have narrowed by focus on the works of Lynd Ward for the present time but plan to expand my research into the works of other cartoonists and book illustrators who published books without words. This includes not only the historical pieces by Lynd Ward and Frans Masereel but also less know works by William Gropper, Milt Gross, Myron Waldman, James Reid, Giacomo Patri, Laurence Hyde, and Si Lewen. This project also stretches into the contemporary scene and works by Eric Drooker, Erez Yakin, Andrzej Klimowski, David Holzman, Peter Kuper, and Jim Woodring to mention a few. My point is to show the significance of wordless stories in our culture and the visual importance of having readers control the speed of the narrative unfolding before them.


14 February 2000

Bill, Ken

DePaul University - Department of English,  802 West Belden Avenue, Chicago, Illinois - 60614-3214; Phone: 1-773-325-4820



Course Pack - Readings for Multicultural Comics Course - DePaul Publications



First Year Writing Courses - American Studies Course - Perspectives on America - Interdisciplinary Studies Program - Multicultural Comic Books 


Research Interest: 

As I teach, I'm doing work on a paper/presentation about Green Lantern Mosaic - and Ethnic Relations.


10 January, 2003

Blomquist, Troy

Departments of History and English, Pennsylvania State University


Publications/Conference Papers--Non-Comics-Related: 

Includes topics such as the drafting and the implementation of the Nuremburg Race Laws; modern Egyptian nationalists and their joint efforts with the Central Powers to create a wideranging propaganda machine; 19th century British views of Arabs/Egyptians (travel guides, encyclopedias, etc.).



Rhetoric, Composition, Modern Germany, Modern US History, Fascism and Nazism, Modern Europe, European-Near Eastern Relations


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

I am involved with the analysis of the intersection of ideology (concepts of race, nation, civilization, and religion) and representation (overt propaganda, speeches, law, travel guides, history books, and, now, comics).


10 May 1999

Bolhafner, J. Stephen (Steve)

3523 Sidney, St. Louis, MO 63104 (home) (personal), (business), (Geocities - associated with website), main page of website:


Publications--About Comics:  

(Most of these are archived on my website.) Interviews with Art Spiegelman, Dave Sim, Los Bros Hernandez, Scott McCloud and Trina Robbins, all published in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Another version of the interview with Spiegelman was published in The Comics Journal. Many reviews of comics material (mostly so-called "graphic novels," a term I generally detest), also in the Post-Dispatch, plus one review in TCJ of a book called "Mea Culpa," which I also reviewed for the P-D. A review of an art exhibit showing the originals and much of the research work that went into the making of "Maus," also for the P-D. Most of these are archived on my website. One that's not, because it's outdated and localized, was an article about local comic shops that included a brief history of the comics shop industry.



Interviews with several science fiction writers and reviews of science fiction novels in the St. Louis in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. An article on Native Americans in St. Louis in the Riverfront Times. A monthly column for about a year in the Nursery Foundation newsletter on Places To Go with young children (concentrating on free or cheap places). A series of poems published in my college literary magazine. Numerous pieces in college and high school newspapers. Speaking of high school, my social studies research project on "The History of Iron County Journalism" was published in the local newspaper.


Conference Papers--Other:  

At the whichever annual Popular Culture Studies conference in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1981, I delivered a paper I can no longerrecall the exact title of, but the gist of it was that in his Nero Wolfe detective novels Rex Stout combined both the classical detective (in the person of Wolfe) and the hardboiled detective (in the person of his assistent, Archie Goodwin), allowing himself the best of both modes.


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

I am indexing "Love and Rockets" for the Grand Comic Book Database project. When I'm done, I'll do the same for "Poison Elves." My website has pages devoted to Love and Rockets, Cerebus and Sandman, and a list of recommended books that I hope shows the broad range of comics material available.


Other Comments:  

I've been arguing the viability of comics as a legitimate art form since I was in high school. One man I respected an admired greatly once stopped me cold with a comment that he could see something like "Maus," that was the work of a single artist, but that he couldn't think of a single great work of literature that had been produced by collaboration. Like a dummy, I went away without saying anything. It wasn't until years later I thought of the obvious rejoinder. "Oh yeah? What about the King James Bible?"


24 September 1998

Bottorff, Ray, Jr

6450 Faust, Detroit. MI 48228-4744, U.S.A. -- -- 313-291-1831

Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise): 

Coordinator and Board Member for the Grand Comic-Book Database project ( Associate Editor for Jerry Bails' Who's Who in 20th Century American Comic Books ( Central Mailer for the comics indexing apa, APA-I (search under Yahoo Groups for "APA-I"). Working on a book to index all known comic and cartoon related mass-market size paperbacks (coined by Ray as "ComicBacks"; search under Yahoo Groups for "ComicBacks" for discussion list).

Other Comments: 

I currently own most books & indexes published in the last 30 years that deal with the subject of comic books, comic strips, cartoons, and pulps. Though not available for loan, they are a source of information for any scholar that I can assist with online (time permitting). I am also looking for anyone who might assist my ComicBacks project, especially in
helping to identify different titles, printings, creator credits, and sources of the reprints of the material within the books. A complete copy of the ComicBacks index is available to anyone interested or willing to help, please email me.

11 January, 2003

Boyd, Robert W.

Westhampton House, PMB 414, 167 Cherry St., Milford, CT 06460 --


Publications--About Comics:  

various articles in The Comics Journal, odds and ends elsewhere. Nothing scholarly


Other Comments:  

I join this list to eavesdrop on what comics scholars are discussing. My interest here are comics as comics and the intelligent examination of them. I am not a scholar, but I do have a professional interest in comics.


15 November 1999

Brooker, Will

School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, University of Wales Cardiff, Cardiff CF13NB, Wales



Postmodern After-Images, co-edited with Peter Brooker (London: Arnold 1997)


Conference Papers--About Comics:  

Batman: 60 Years In Cultural Discourse (Cardiff, Birmingham, Norwich), Batman and Robin Forever: Rereading Fredric Wertham and the Comics of the 1950s (Leeds, Birmingham)



Undergraduate teaching on History of the Mass Media, Advertising and Language In Journalism


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

PhD research on the uses and meanings of Batman since the 1930s, in terms of cultural context and the conflicts over meaning between audiences and producers.


13 February 1998

Brooks, Brad!

Les Cartoonistes Dangereux, 48 Barnstaple Road, Harold Hill, Romford, Essex, RM3 7TH, UK --


Publications--About Comics:  

ex-UK correspondent for The Comics Journal, articles in Panelhouse (Yves Chaland, Milo Manara), Speakeasy, Comics International, and other assorted fanzines.


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

The Language of comics, biographies of cartoonists, working practices of cartoonists.


Other Comments:  

I'm also a professional cartoonist, and I'm the editor-in-chief of a new independent comics publishing house called Les Cartoonistes Dangereux. We're also preparing a new magazine about comics and cartoon art called Ignatz-the Critical Review of Cartoon Art.


22 November 1997

Buckley, John F.

3932 Clarke St., Oakland, CA 94609-2710; Phone/Fax: H: (510) 547-3343 W: (415) 338-6030 -- (415) 338-2399


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

Juuuuust now getting into the field


Other Comments:  

I'm currently preparing abstracts for next year's PCA/ACA conference in San Diego. This marks the first time I've prepared my writing for public consumption, so any advice/info I can get would be appreciated.


28 August 1998

Bullough, John

H: 7 Desson Ave., Troy, NY, USA, 12180 -- W: Lighting Research Center, 2115 Watervliet`Facility, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,`Troy, NY, USA, 12180

email: -- -- W: tel (518) 276-4866


Publications--About Comics:  

comics research bibliography (with Michael Rhode) - for APA-I (comics-related Amateur Press Alliance) and online: Other APA-I contributions: DC Comics Western Characters; Comics-Related Inventions



several journal articles and a book chapter about architectural lighting (complete list at


Conference Papers--Non-Comics-Related:  

several papers and posters about architectural lighting



teaching assistant and course instructor, several architectural lighting courses, School of Architecture, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

comics research bibliography (with Michael Rhode) member of APA-I, comics-related amateur press alliance membership volunteer, Grand Comic-Book Database project (; goal is to index content and creators of every comic book published; over 40,000 books indexed since 1994). DOOM PATROL! fan web page, web maintenance (


Other Comments:

looking forward to participating!


22 November 1997

Carpenter, Stanford W.

609 Oxford #1, Houston, TX 77007 USA

Dept. of Anthropology, Rice University, Houston TX 77005; (713) 522-2685 home phone / (713) 285-5455 dept. fax


Publications--About Comics: (work as an artist/cartoonist)

·         "Shady Art Lamp" (artist auction/fundraiser) '98

·         "Another Tale Retold" (cartoon art exhibit) '98

·         "Imagining The Melanin-Free-Zone" (installation exhibit) '97

·         "Brother-Story" (online art exhibit) '97

·         "African Tales" (weekly comic ship) '93

Conference Papers--About Comics:

·         "African Tales: an Ethnography of Cartoon Images" (Popular Culture Assn. Meetings in Orlando)

·         "Comics & Anthropology at The Crossroads" (Institut fur Etnologie und Afrika-Studien, Mainz, Germany)

·         "Culture Genre & Alterity: a Conversation with Stanford Carpenter" (Museo de Populares de Petare, Caracas, Venezuela)


The Multicultural Alliance; Summerbridge Houston; Allen Art Museum -- education assistant; The Carnegie Museum -- teacher's assistant; Portland Museum of Art -- teacher's assistant


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

Life histories of African-American cartoonists, the circulation of cartoon images of Africa, the archival images that cartoonists use in their works.


25 June 1998

Castelli, Alfredo

c/o Sergio Bonelli Editore, Via Buonarroti, 38, 20145 Milan Italy;

Fax: 003902-48195682


Publications About Comics

In 1965 I founded the first Italian fanzine devoted to comics. It was called "Comics Club 104" and was, frankly, horrible. Since, I wrote a lot of articles on various comics themes (some are listed in John Lent's books); together with Gianni Bono (who, by the way, founded the 2nd Italian fanzine in 1965) I prepared some special issues of "If", a professional magazine devoted to comic art, and contributed to others. For the last issue (March, 1988 over 250 pages all in full color, slick paper), I wrote for instance the articles "In Search of the Roots of Illustrated Newspaper Supplements", "The Odd Alliance Between Comic Strips and Advertising in Hearst's Newspapers", "From Alphonse and Gaston to Uncle Mun: The Italianization of American Characters in the "Corriere dei Ppiccoli", "(Red) Stars And Strip(e)s, The Comics of the American Left". If you are interested in the magazine, please contact

A curiosity: back in 1966 I wrote for the then very popular magazine "Linus" an article about the American Fandom, that was widely reviewed in the American fanzines of those days. It dealt with the Thompson brothers, John McGeehan, Biljo White, the late Ed April, Bob Latona of "Vanguard", Mike Barrier of Funnyworld (who was so kind to supply me with the names of the American Disney artists, such as Floyd Gottfredson and Carl Barks, who at the time were completely unknown in Italy) and many others "pioneers" of the field.


I'm a "professional" journalist (I added the adjective "professional" because, absurdly enough, in Italy you have to pass a State exam to be a journalist) since 1974, and have worked in various magazines. But my main job - the one I live of - is writing, mainly for comics, a little for TV; so, since 1965, I continued many series created by others, and created many new characters some of which are still alive and well in Italy. My main character at the moment is "Martin Mystère", I write and edit the series (96 monthly B&W pages, plus a lot of "specials") since 1982 for Sergio Bonelli Editore; it's not Italy's main hit, but it does work fine (around 80,000 copies monthly, plus reprints etc.) You can meet Martin at his site or wait for the American edition which will pe published by Dark Horse beginning in March, 1998. If, for unknown reasons, you want to know more on my career as comic writer, you can goto or search for "martin mystere" or "alfredo castelli" in Alta Vista or some search engine.

*** Books: Martin Mystère generated an array of books not in comic form, i.e. essays, companions, novels, an "Enciclopedia of Mystery" etc, entirely or partially written by me. Outside comic books and books on comic related subjects,years ago I wrote a book about the history and iconography of playing cards, and - to my shame - one on Italian bawdy Ballads that (to my shame again) many still remember.

Conference Papers--About Comics:  

As a part of my job, I have lectures on comics at each and every Comic Convention in Italy --- that means once a week or something like this. The only lecture that may interest some of you is "America on my mind: Italian Comics and the Industry of Imagination", I held at the New York University. You can find the full English text at:

Teaching--Comics Related: Sometimes I'm invited at Comics schools to keep lessons on writing. I like it, but I usually encourage students to become plumbers or dentists: alas, comics aren't living a particularly good moment in Italy.

Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):

·         I'm currently finishing a project titled "Here We Are Again - 1895-1919, the first 25 Years of American comics. In short, it's a 500+ pages book listing alphabetically over 1,100 American newspaper series published between the given dates, with a story of the newspapers which first published them, a very rich "mediagraphy", some computer generated databases (i.e. the titles by date of their first publications, the titles by authors, by syndicate, etc), and hundreds of illustrations. I and my publisher think that at least four copies will be sold: his wife and his mother, my wife and my mother. But both think it will be very interesting, and the first book of his kind.

·         For this year's edition of the San Diego Comic Con (1998), Gianni Bono, Mario Gomboli, Nessim Vaturi and myself organized a massive partecipation of Italian Comics in a special exhibit called "THAT'S FUMETTI". There will be an Italian space, with Italian comics and artwork for sale, a 64-page, all-in-color, catalog featuring a capsule story of Italian Comics (in English), and an art exhibition called "Cielo di piombo" ("Lead sky"), with anti-pollution drawings by the top Italian cartoonists. The "Cielo di Piombo" exhibition will probably travel other California towns for three months, care of the Los Angeles Italian Institute of Culture. See: Contacts:

5 July 1998

Chandna, Mohit


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):

I am an avid comic reader and have now even taken up the subject for my Doctorate dissertation. I have already worked on the representation of the "Orient" in the comic books of Tintin. The dissertation was written in French and was titled "Herge et l'Orientalisme: Etude des Cigares Du Pharaon et de Tintin au Tibet."

And now for my advanced research I have increased the corpus to include more comic books and see how the Indian sub-continent has been represented in European comic books. This research involves subjecting comic books to all socio political and literary theories written in the post colonial scenario and find out the image of the "Other" is created.

I would appreciate if anyone who has done similar work in this field or anything related to get in touch with me so that we can exchange ideas on the subject. Any suggestions are also welcome.

Chary, Mike

6409 Ash Ave. -- --


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise): I maintain the website for Pete Coogan's Comics Arts Conference.


Other Comments: Which is why I am here. If I do that, I figure I should try to keep abreast of comics scholarship.


29 December 1997

Cheesman, Simon

Carleton University, School of Journalism and Communication, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada;, -- 416-588-8351 (v)



New Media Networks: Selling Broadband Connections to Consumers, Omnia Communications, 1999; Notes From a Refined Sensibility in a Complex Environment,



Statistics and Research Methods (teaching Assistant), Communications in Society (Teaching Assistant)


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

Currently completing Masters degree thesis, history of the comic book direct distribution market, relation to changes in comic art/narrative


13 April 1999

Chulia, Juan Vicente

C/ Dr. Manuel Candela, num. 2, pta. 55. 46021 Valencia, Spain. -- --

Publications--About Comics:

·         Conversaciones con la industria (A talk with the industry). Perspectives for the spanish comics industry in a free european market. Department of Culture, Valencian Community, Spain, 1994.

·         Historia del tebeo Valenciano (A History of Valencian Comics). Department of Culture, Valencian Community, 1994.

·         El Maquinista. Editor of a Monthly magazine about comics. In-depth Interviews, articles. 7 issues. Awarded with the best publication about comics in Barcelona's International Comics Festival. 1992.

·         EMM. Editor of a Monthly magazine about comics. In-depth Interviews, articles. 14 issues. Awarded with the best publication about comics in Barcelona's International Comics Festival. 1993.

·         Global. Publisher of a line of books exclusively dedicated to the comic' form. Books about Alan Moore, Harold Foster... 1995-present.

·         Comics writer. Several works, two of them published in album format: Altamiro Rupestre (with Manel Gimeno), and Moon Gang (with Sergio Melia)

·         Since 1997, I'm writing a weekly comics column named Tebeos que nunca te dije (Comics I never told you) for the magazine Cartelera Turia (Valencia, Spain). More than 50 columns have been published until now.


Lots of them. Usually about popular culture, for Spanish magazines and newspapers. Books.


Conference Papers--About Comics:

·         Sci-Fi and comics: how are we inventing the future?. Hispacon (Spanish Sci-Fi Festival). 1996. Cadiz, Spain.

·         Small Publishers: Gathering small resources. Ourense Comics Festival. 1995. Orense, Spain.

·         Is there a comics industry in Spain?. University of Valencia, 1997. Valencia, Spain.

·         Working for foreign publishers: the spanish experience. University of Valencia. 1998. Valencia, Spain.

Teaching--Comics Related:

Weekly magazine about comics in the Valencian Cultural Radio Station. 1992-1997.


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):  

I'm fighting for a Research centre for the study of valencian comics; I keep on publishing books about comics (three different collections, about comic strips, comic-books and portfolios)


8 September 1999

Cohn, Neil

5145-B Avenida Encinas

Carlsbad, CA 92008 ,


Publications--About Comics:

Early Writings on Visual Language (Emaki Productions, 2003)

"A Time Frame of Mind: Visual Language and Buddhist Dharma Theory." (Berkeley Undergraduate Journal, Vol. 31. Berkeley, CA, 2003) "Dissolving Comics' Boundaries." ( January, 2004)

Various essays about visual language at my website



We the People: A Call to Take Back America, with Thom Hartmann (CoreWay  Media, 2004, books' site:

UC Berkeley First Year Japanese Textbook (in preparation, I did many of  the images and served as a graphics consultant, 2000-2002)


Conference Papers--About Comics:

"Beyond Panel Transitions: A New Look at Sequentiality" (Comic Arts

Conference 2003, San Diego CA)

"Introduction to Visual Language" (Comic Arts Conference 2002, San

Diego CA)


Teaching--Comics Related:

Guest lecturer for UC Berkeley's "Craft of Comics" class 2001-2003 Taught "How to draw comics" class for Longfellow Arts Middle School, Berkeley CA, 2002-2003


Research Interests, Current Projects (Comics and Otherwise):

Theoretical and empirical research into visual language– i.e. the internal structure of the "comic medium," and the role(s) it plays

culturally and socially; Linguistics and Cognitive Science; Creation of visual language software


February 28 2004

Coogan, Peter

Kinkel Center, Fontbonne University

6800 Wydown Blvd.

Clayton MO 63105-3098 ,

314-889-4571 work; 314-962-7939 home; 314-719-3614 fax


Publications--About Comics:

The Secret Origin of the Superhero: The Emergence of the Superhero Genre in America from Daniel Boone to Batman.  Michigan State University, 2002.

Review of Reading Comics: Language, Culture, and the Concept of the Superhero in Comic Books by Mila Bongco. International Journal of Comic Art. 3:1. Spring 2001.

“Science Fiction Comics.” Anatomy of Wonder 4: A Critical Guide to Science Fiction. Ed. Neil Barron. New Providence, NJ: Bowker, 1995. 673-689.

Review of Mage: The Hero Discovered by Matt Wagner. Extrapolation 29 (1988): 36.


Conference Papers--About Comics:

Comics Arts Conference.  Co-Founder and Co-Chair.

            Delivered presentations annually, 1992-present.

Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association.

            Delivered papers annually, 1988-1996, 1998-2000.

Midwestern Popular Culture Association.  Chair: Comics and Comic Art Area,

1993-1994. Delivered papers 1988, 1989, 1993, 1994.

Star Clipper Comics Summer Lecture Series.

            Delivered three talks on the superhero, June, July, and August, 1999


Teaching--Comics Related:

Freshman Seminar, The Superhero.  Webster University, St. Louis, Missouri