Comics Conference at UF

The 14th UF Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels, "Comics Remixed: Adaptation and Graphic Narrative," will be held from April 7th-9th, 2017. For more on our 2017 Conference, see our 2017 Conference page.

What began as a symposium featuring Will Eisner and dedicated to the question of the graphic novel has become an annual conference that brings together both artists and scholars to discuss issues centered around what is a unique theme each year related to comics, graphic novels, animation, digital media, and visual culture. These conferences are interdisciplinary and examine subjects from a wide ranger of formal, historical, literary, sociological, and economic perspectives. They are often complemented by other events and activities which appeal to the wider Gainesville community such as gallery exhibits, book-signings, and all-ages workshops on drawing comics led by the visiting artists.

Past Conferences

2016 Conference on Comics, "Transnational Comics: Crossing Gutters, Transcending Boundaries"
2015 Conference on Comics, "Comics Read but Seldom Seen"
2014 Conference on Comics, "Traumics"
2013 Conference on Comics, "A Comic Of Her Own"
2012 Conference on Comics, "Monsters in the Margins"
2010 Conference on Comics, "ImageNext: Visions Past and Future"
2009 Conference on Comics, "Convergences: Comics, Culture and Globalization"
2008 Conference on Comics, "ImageSexT: Intersections of Sex, Gender and Sexuality"
2007 Conference on Comics, "World Building: Seriality and History"
2006 Conference on Comics, "Comics and Childhood"
2004 Conference 2004 Conference on Comics, "Comics & Animation: Simultaneity and Sequentiality"
2003 Conference on Comics, "Underground(s)"
2002 Conference on Comics, "The Will Eisner Symposium"