Comics Conference at UF

Video Page For the 2013 UF
Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels
"A Comic of Her Own"

To see more videos from our 2013 conference, please visit the "A Comic of Her Own" conference playlist. All of the videos on this page and on the playlist were recorded at the 2013 conference, "A Comic of Her Own." These videos are intended for non-commercial, academic use only, and their content is used in compliance with Fair Use guidelines.

Keynote Address from Trina Robbins
"Here are the Great Women Cartoonists"

Keynote Address from Jeffrey A. Brown
"Sex, Romance, and the Teenage Superheroine"

Artist's Workshop with Megan Kelso

Artist's Workshop with Leela Corman

For Intelledctual Property reasons, this video sequence begins with the second part of Leela Corman's workshop. Apologies from the GCO crew!

Special Guests Round Table with Jeffrey A. Brown, Leela Corman, Megan Kelso and Trina Robbins