Comics and Childhood

The 4th Annual University of Florida Comics Conference

Gainesville, FL
February 23-25, 2006.

The fourth annual University of Florida conference on comics will focus on the theme of comics and childhood. Comics are still largely seen by the general public as a media directed toward a child or youth audience. While this boundary is slowly being dissipated, our conference wishes to look not only at comics and childhood, but also comics and children's literature, comics and education, comics and childhood themes, comics and revisions of children's tales, comics and their intended audience. Since comics are encompassed in the larger context of image and text traditionally reserved for children, we will be particularly interested in the use of image and text in the hybrid forms of comics and children's literature.

This conference will focus on comics and children's literature in terms of illustration, sequence, serialization, and their connections as hybrid works of image and text. Because of the emphasis on illustration and the sequencing of illustration in both forms, comics and children's literature often utilize similar techniques. We are interested in examining these techniques and their relationship to comics and children's literature as oriented around several key themes. In addition, the conference seeks to examine how comics and children's literature have been treated and constructed given their hybrid representations and, in turn, how these have allowed for subversive possibilities in both children's literature and comics.

Please see the Conference Call for Papers.

All events are FREE and open to the public.