Jose Villarrubia

Jose Villarrubia's work crosses into a great many normally-separate spheres. He is a professor of illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art. His work has been shown in galleries and been featured in art books, including The Homoerotic Photograph. A lifelong fan of comics, he has done work for 'superhero' comics, including The Fantastic Four and Captain America, as well as alternative comics like Promethea and Veils. He has presented on comics at events including MICA's Comics on the Verge symposium, and the San Diego Comics Conference. His experience extends into theatre, including the adaptation and performance of Alan Moore's poem "The Mirror of Love" and the creation of a series of images for a new edition of that work.

Villarrubia has worked extensively with acclaimed British comics writer Moore, collaborating on the new edition of The Mirror of Love, contributing cover art and interior plates for the US edition of Moore's novel Voice of the Fire, and some stunning passages in ABC's Promethea, in collaboration with Moore and the series regular artist J.H. Williams III.

Villarrubia's work includes realist photography, digital art, and evocative combinations of the two.

Interview with Villarrubia on The Mirror of Love

Review/Interview with Villarrubia on The Mirror of Love


The University of Florida's Third Annual Conference on Comics; October 29-30, 2004; Gainesville, Florida.


Parrish Baker, Howard Cruse, Brian Clevinger, Marc Shahboz, Jose Villarrubia.


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